Transgender Women Dating Tips for Newbies

Posted on June 10, 2018
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Let me preface this by saying that I’m a transgender woman and in no way a dating site expert. I have transgender women friends who found their love on My Transsexual Date and I’m going to share with you the most common things that we peruse when we try to get to know men.

Profile picture

This is the first thing we see and we need something to grab our attention for us to swipe right.

Some of my transgender friends like a man who’s confident about his body hence they swipe right for the guys who take topless selfies.

For me however, I like a man who’s more nonchalantly out there. I like when a guy’s not trying too hard and gives me something to be interested about rather than his hard body. Photos in the office, sports, travel, or a profile photo with friends, pets, family usually hit the spot for me. Images like those tell a story and show that a guy is more than just a pretty face. I want to see that a guy is stable, loves to have fun, capable of caring for people… ok the list will be too long but you get the idea.

About me / Description

This part is solely from my point of view.

I love it when a guy is eloquent and can express himself intellectually through his profile. Something about a quirky guy who keeps it short and cute also magnetizes me.

What I don’t like is someone who doesn’t put anything at all. If you leave your “About Me” section on a transgender dating site empty, you’d probably run into seedy characters who just swipe right to everyone they see.

Think of it like a resume. A little effort goes a long way.

Winks, Likes or Hearts

This feature is usually available in transgender dating websites and it’s the perfect tool to utilize if you’re the shy type. I for one am used to be afraid of rejection and nothing sucks more than when you get “seen-zoned”.

It probably took weeks before you were able to upload your profile picture and vulnerabilities online and then you find your message ignored by some hot chick who’s looking for a 6ft 2 Abercrombie model. If rejection is something that scares you, you can simply send the girl a wink, like, or heart and wait if she reciprocates. The moment you get a response, start creating a compelling first message which I’ll be talking about on the final section.

Introductory message

You finally have the moxie to send your dream girl a message but you have zero clue on what to tell her.

I’m probably not your dream girl but please don’t ask for a skype id on your first message. Avoid asking a transgender woman in a dating site if she has gotten her tits done or her noodle size on the first go. I know that you like sex as much as I do but get a hold of yourself.

Keep your first message cute and straight to the point. Nothing’s more annoying than a copy-pasted novella. I don’t need to know everything about you on the first message. Don’t sound like a spam e-mail from Burkina Faso that’s telling me I can get millions of dollars if I cooperate.

Start with a message like “Hey, it’s nice to see you here. I’ve been through your profile and you seem very interesting. Would like to know you if possible *insert smile emoji*”. Keep it friendly, dignified, and sane.

Lastly, avoid wearing statement shirts that say 4:20. I also don’t want to see you vaping on your profile photo.

Just Kidding,