My transgender date loathes me

Posted on August 24, 2018
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Nobody’s born with an arsenal of world knowledge. We all started from ignorance.  The very reason why schools were created is for us to learn.

You really want to pursue your transgender date but you’ve said something out of ignorance that made her dislike you. What do you do now?

I don’t think that there’s a person who exists who hasn’t said anything out of ignorance. If you find yourself in a sticky situation and you want to make things right, I’m here for you.

Please know that us transgender women have been struggling ever since we learned the difference of genders. If you’re thinking “Amanda, we all struggle”, you have to stop.  Yes, we all struggle, but the thing that urged you to read this is because you’ve accidentally said something insensitive to your Trannsexual date hence, we need to talk about HER struggle.

Never EVER Misgender your Transgender Date

Some of you may come from a very religious background and you don’t know the difference between gay men and transgender women with the bonus of you calling “her” as “him”.  Us transgender women KNOW that we are women no matter what society and religions say so if you can’t identify us properly and you still use “him, his, he” to address us, you’re better off dating gay men.  Since you have the moxie and fetish of thinking of us as STILL men, you’re better off dating gay men. Try Grindr or something.

You’re still a guy, right?

No I’m not and fuck you! I’ve heard this a lot from curious perverts and uninformed hetero men who think that I’m completely the same as they are because we both have penises.  Some would even ask “Have you ever fucked a girl? Do you still get attracted to girls?”

First of all, I’ve been EXCLUSIVELY attracted to boys since I was 5, I’ve never had crush on girls and I’ve never thought of playing with pussy (not that there’s anything wrong with it).  Not because I was born with a penis, it immediately means that it’s made to enter every hole it finds on sight like others’.  My penis is very choosy LOL.  The only hole this wants to go into is The Rock Dwayne Johnson’s or someone remotely close in terms of looks with him.

You should masturbate

No she should not. Us transgender women have different levels of gender dysphoria.  If your transgender date doesn’t want anything to do with her penis, respect her.  She is dealing with something that cuts deep in every fiber of her being and she should not COMPROMISE and ENDURE just to feed your sexual fantasies.  Don’t force your transgender date to even “SHOW” her penis to you if she’s not comfortable with it. You don’t know what’s going on in her mind so if you really like her, you better take the consequences.

Don’t question her fight for equality

So you want to be cool by contradicting movements and you think your’re “lit” and “savage af” by arguing with her and her fight for equality.  Listen “boy bitch”, you’re not dealing with a person who vicariously lives through meme pages.  She’s fighting for her RIGHTS to LIVE the way she SHOULD.  If you’re anti-equality, why are you even here?  You should just do a “Kiki, do you love me” video and get your gratification as an upright and valuable human being through that.

Get your asinine ass out of here and seek education.

No tea no shade.