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Posted on July 26, 2019
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I know that it’s quite challenging to find a soul mate but you rose above the challenge and were able to turn your transsexual date into a girlfriend.  You thought that it’d end there but you were wrong, totally wrong.  Turns out, you’d need more than words and actual fuel to keep the fire alive in the relationship.  If you’re just knowing this now, I don’t blame you, I’ve been there before lol.
It’s like when you really wanted a pet as a kid and your parents decide to give you a goldfish which you nonchalantly flushed after it died with you neglecting it for other stuff.  So anyway, let’s head on to some tips on how to successfully keep the stokes of love burn hotter.

Go on constant DATES

Call me Captain Obvious Amanda, I don’t really care.   This is something that is often looked beyond by people who are clueless on how to keep a relationship going.  Some are too oblivious and some are just downright very cheap.  Every type of relationship requires investment to work but you don’t have to go beyond what you can afford.  When I say a date, I don’t mean five-star hotels, cocktail dresses, and suits.  A simple lovely chat in a coffee shop near your apartment could already suffice as an amazing date.  Place, situation, agenda, all of these don’t matter.  What matters most is the company you’re having and the amazing moments you’re sharing together.


You’re the most beautiful woman in the entire world, you’re so sexy, etc. etc.

Those sound great but you need something more to compliment your transgender girlfriend.  We all know that most relationship starts with the physical attraction and she already has an idea of how much you like her looks but you need to go skin deep in order to maintain a healthy relationship.  You can compliment her style, her career milestones, talents, etc. from time to time.  It’s also nice when a man brags about my achievements enough for me to know that he’s very proud to have me as a girlfriend.  Know that you can do better than telling her how much you love the color of her areola or the shape of her butt.  Just… think harder.  If you have to squint hard to see her great qualities, chances are your relationship is just superficial or you’re a jackass who’s very hard to please.


Once you have this, everything will be easy.  If you’re devoted to only one person, it means you’ll be willing to do anything to make her happy.  If you have the can’t breathe without each other and can’t live without each other kind of love that Carrie Bradshaw strongly hoped to get out from Aleksandr Petrovsky, then you’re good.  However, if you don’t see yourself devoting your everything to her, no matter how many times you repeat sections 1 and 2, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Good Luck to you!



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