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Attracting High-quality Men as a Transgender Woman

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Because of the oppression, marginalization, and discrimination against transgender women, a lot of them have resorted to settling for less. This shouldn’t be the case because transgender women are worthy. They should be loved, adored, and coveted.

If you’re a transgender woman and you’re tired of dating losers, this guide is for you. This article was created for educational purposes only and isn’t made to attack a group of people.

What is a High-quality Man?

Before dating one, you must first know what a high-quality man entails. In this section, you will be given a guide on what to look for. It’s very important to remember the things that will be enlisted here. Ready your pen and paper and start writing…

High-quality Man


A man with a pedigree is a man who comes from an upper-class family. He’s often part of the high society and has been used to the finer things in life. With this pedigree comes expectations. These expectations may be from his family, friends, and the whole society.


A high-quality man is often expected to have a good education. This doesn’t include a high school and elementary diploma. He’s the type who has finished a whole course in a university.

Some have even extended educational attainments such as Ph.D., Doctorate, Law, Master’s, etc.

Physical Appearance

Many people consider having good looks to be vital to becoming a high-quality man. What this means is he’s virtually pleasing to the general public. His beauty is a bit more universal. You know, the typical tall, dark, and handsome guy with a muscular physique.


A rich man will never be left unmentioned when the talks of being a high-quality man are present. He’s regarded as the latter because having extra wealth is quite appealing to most. Furthermore, a rich man has a lot of means to pursue a woman, which makes it easier for him to navigate through the dating world.


Lastly, a high-quality man has good manners. He doesn’t have to memorize Emily Post’s book of etiquette. However, he’s the one who has natural social graces. To sum it up, he’s the perfect gentleman and he will not embarrass you when you’re out on a date with him.

How to Attract Them

It’s quite daunting to think of the possibility of attracting a high-quality man. This is made harder if you’re a transgender woman. Sadly, in today’s world, a lot of people still think of transgender women as pseudo women which should not be the case. This results in high-quality men, having a harder time owning up to their true feelings.

pretty woman

However, it’s not impossible most especially if you can turn into the ULTIMATE DREAM GIRL.


Being who you are should always be a top priority. This will ensure your happiness. However, you must not overlook the importance of self-improvement. Added to that, you should have first-hand of how powerful transformation can be. Isn’t it amazing that you’re now living as a woman both on the inside and outside?


A high-quality man will not be attracted to a woman of bad manners. You must know how to speak properly. Don’t use vulgar language and don’t talk too loudly in public. Avoid being too flamboyant both in your actions and words. Just be… a lady.


High-quality men love having great conversations. This is why you must keep studying. Doing so will give you a lot of ideas on what topics to talk about. This will make you bore him less and excite him more. Keep up with the news, current affairs, arts, etc.

Furthermore, this can be a double-edged sword. You must present your intelligence in a non-cocky or condescending way. It’s sexy to be smart but not too sexy to be rude.

Physical Appearance

Men are wired to be visual. This is why you must not neglect your looks if you’re planning to attract high-quality men. This doesn’t mean that you have to look like a silicone Barbie. What this entails is to always improve your fitness and fashion.

You can be skinny as a model or have more to love. Not everyone’s built the same. However, what you have control of is how you present yourself. Don’t dress up like you’re starring in a porn film all the time. Know how to dress elegantly for your body type and you’ll witness a lot of positive changes.

Be Yourself with a TWIST

Lastly, if you can be yourself but with a TWIST, they will surely gravitate to you. What this means is to know yourself and maintain who you are with certain tweaks in improving your overall character. You don’t have to be the perfect girl, you just have to be your perfectly imperfect self.

The REAL High-quality Man

nice couple


The first section has shown you the typical attributes that a high-quality man possesses. However, a real high-quality man is someone with integrity, bravery, and loyalty. If he doesn’t have these three traits, he’s still a loser.

You are beautiful and you should never settle for anything less. Once you begin with your transformation, your self-worth will increase a great deal. Added to that, the most important quality that a high-quality man is looking for is kindness.

No matter how gorgeous, intelligent, and sexy you are, if you have a disgusting attitude, he will not give you the time of day.

Where to find

There are lots of high-quality men in the world. However, as a transgender woman, you must position yourself more strategically. If you don’t have a My Transsexual Date account yet, you are missing out on a lot of high-quality men.

My Transsexual Date’s goal is to bring decent individuals together. The team behind it works round-the-clock to ensure that no scammers, tranny chasers, and perverts are lurking around.

You won’t find a high-quality man if you just keep on dreaming about him. It’s time to take action. Start improving yourself and don’t choose a partner on a whim. Know your worth, then add tax.

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