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How to Find Success as a Transgender Woman

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Are you a transgender woman and you’re dealing with so much discrimination? If not, are you simply being put down by your thoughts that you are not good enough based on your gender identity? Have you lost your self-confidence for other reasons?

Today, you’re going to know how to find success as a transgender woman. This guide will be based on succeeding career-wise. It will also give you tips on how to become financially independent and be able to become whoever you want to be.

What do you want to be?

Before finding success, you must have a dream. It’s vital for you to know what you want to possibly become in the next five years at least. Having this knowledge will truly propel you to success. You can’t be successful if you don’t have a path to walk.

a transgender photographer

Don’t worry and don’t be daunted. Finding a dream can be complicated most especially if you’re in your early twenties. However, there’s a way to figure it out by having a proper blueprint.

Remember when you were young

A lot of times, looking back can stop you from moving forward. However, in the case of knowing better about your dreams, being nostalgic can be rewarding. Do you still remember what your career dreams were when you were young? How do you feel about those dreams today?

Many people land the jobs that they’ve always wanted ever since they were young. Maybe you’re one of them. Try discovering your past and maybe you’ll find the key to unlock your future.

What do people say about you

It’s highly likely that you’ve been complimented for a certain skill by others. Is there something about your skills that people keep talking about? Are you good at singing? Do you have the knack for convincing people? Maybe you’re great with words and you know how to weave them well.

Sometimes, hindsight is better than foresight. This may be the perfect time to listen to others. No goal is easier to achieve than something that seems already predestined for you to reach.

Assess their words and discover if the skills that they’re talking about can be useful for you to achieve success. Work on what you already have and try mastering it.

Your passion

Now, if you’re more of the leader type and you’re not into following what others say, you may want to focus on your true passion. Is there a thing in your life that you’re truly passionate about? Can this thing be lucrative enough and are there possibilities of you excelling in it?

If so, why don’t you pursue your passion? Maybe, just maybe, if you work so hard on it, it can be what will lead you to success. If you’re in your twenties or early thirties and you still have time to spare, why not focus on what really makes you happy.

However, this route can be hard if you’re older and you need financial stability. Only do this if you’re financially free and already have your future secured. You don’t want to end up on the streets just trying to pursue your passion. Be smart about it.


Now that you’ve learned about the fundamentals of succeeding, it’s time to take action. However, please only know that the goals here are more geared towards practicality and what’s more realistic. Dreaming of becoming the next Victoria’s Secret Angel is not included here.

a successful trans woman

The Internet

You must capitalize on the power of the internet. It’s a place whereby you can earn a living without being subject to unnecessary discrimination and marginalization. On the internet, you’ll find a lot of companies from the west that are more inclusive when it comes to hiring people.

Do you have any online job in mind that you can excel in? Maybe you can be:

  • a writer
  • digital artist
  • virtual assistant
  • voice actress
  • web designer
  • call center agent
  • blogger
  • vlogger
  • marketing strategist
  • advertiser
  • site moderator
  • and more

You’ll be surprised by the number of companies that are willing to hire transgender women.

Online Courses

If you don’t have any knowledge, experience, or skills with the only job of your choice, why not take online courses? There are hundreds of online courses that you can take and get certificates from.

These online courses are usually in partnership with big universities around the world. The certification programs are recognized by companies all over the world and you won’t have to worry about your investment.

Added to that, getting a certificate is not that expensive. You can finish courses for under a hundred dollars which you can use to start your future online career. Just remember that you have to study hard and treat these courses seriously because you can flunk in them.

Part-time Jobs

Since you’re working from home, if you really want to be financially independent, you have to start looking for a part-time job. Doing so will provide you a lot of extra income that you can use to further propel you to success.

A full-time job usually requires only eight hours of your day. You have sixteen hours left. Since you’re working from home, you have a lot of extra time from commuting so you must use these for a good part-time job. Just imagine getting fifty to a hundred percent more of what you’re currently making!

Small Online Business

Now, if you don’t want to feel like you want to work for anyone and you still have extra time for something that can grow exponentially, it’s time to partake in a small online business.

  • Are you good with selling, marketing, and advertising? Why not try selling things online?
  • Are you a freelance writer? Maybe it’s time for an e-book!
  • Do you have good looks and think that you can be a model but there are no opportunities for transgender women where you live? Why not start a YouTube channel or post your amazing photos on Instagram?

Start Today

Nobody can stop you from succeeding but yourself. If you want to be successful but you’re not taking action, you will get nowhere. Start with baby steps and after a year, you’ll be surprised by how far you’ve gone!

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