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Why He Says You’re “Suffocating” Him

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

If you want to succeed in trans dating or any type of dating, you must play by the rules. Unfortunately, only the best players come out victorious when it comes to the game of love. If you’re thinking that true love will happen no matter the lack of effort you’re putting, you’re probably still watching Cinderella.

Now, if you’re serious about wanting to have a life-long partnership or even at the very least, a longtime boyfriend, keep reading. Please know that this guide doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a boyfriend in the near future. However, you’ll still find it helpful if you’ve been labeled “suffocating” multiple times.

What Happens if a Person Feels Suffocated in a Relationship?

There are many possible effects that a suffocating relationship can cause. However, what’s going to be listed here are only the most common ones. First on the list of what he’ll most probably do if you keep suffocating him is…

He Will Resent You

A lot of beta males are passive-aggressive. They’ll mostly resent you instead of having a conversation with you as to why he feels suffocated. You’ll notice this one most especially if he’s nitpicking on a lot of things that you say or do. It’s also going to manifest by how less intimate he is with you.

mad guy

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore but it can eventually lead to him, giving up.

You’re Going to be Single Again

Some men have very little tolerance for this type of situation. A lot of men are scared to deal with problems and their best way to solve them is by walking away. Don’t take this lightly because it is truly common. If you don’t want to perpetually be single, you have to avoid making a man feel like he’s suffocated.

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Added to that, if he doesn’t leave you, he’s probably going to cheat. Not all men have the balls to have a failed relationship. Most people who cheat on their partners are looking for gratification while avoiding the repercussions. However, the truth will always come out and what’s probably going to drive you to sign up in a trans dating site again.


The worst and one of the most common scenarios that could turn out from a suffocating relationship is retaliation. This may be in the sense of verbal and in some cases, physical. The latter is the scariest as it involves violence. No matter how much you think you know a person, you’ll still be unaware of the limits of what they can do.

angry guy

There are long-term marriages that turn up with one partner being behind bars. Others have the other person dead. Be very careful about how you treat people because you’ll really never know what they’re truly capable of.

Possible Reasons Why You’re Suffocating Him

This section will not involve sugarcoating. Please don’t be offended if you check a lot of boxes. The aim of this guide is to help improve how you deal with relationships. This will not only be beneficial to the man but to yourself as well.

You Always Want Him to Physically Be With You

There are a lot of trans women out there who cling to a man like they’re marsupials. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being intimate but it doesn’t make sense to always cuddle whenever the two of you are together.

nice couple

If he has to do some work on the computer, you don’t have to wrap your arms around him while you watch him invest in stocks. It also doesn’t make sense to follow him in the bathroom if he chooses to pee.

Should you choose to watch “Friends” for the nth time, you don’t have to drag him with you. This may sound funny to some of you but there are women out there who are really like this.

Demanding To Talk

If you don’t live together, chances are high that what’s keeping your relationship together is digital communication. This sounds sad and even made sadder if you have opposing time zones. The demand to talk is understandable. However, if you’re asking for too much time to the point that he’s not able to live a purposeful life anymore, that’s when things get worse.

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There’s a fine line between healthy communication and obsessive communication. You must find the sweet spot.

He’s NOT Allowed to Do Things

What you should never do is to stop him from doing the things that he used to do before committing to a relationship with you. If he meets up with his friends to drink and bond, you shouldn’t hinder him. You should also not decide what his hobbies should be. If he likes to play video games for five hours straight, you shouldn’t reprimand him.

a fighter

He’s looking for a partner and not a replacement for his mother. Don’t even go that route because you’ll miserably fail.

How To Be LESS Needy

The easiest way to avoid having a man tell you that you’re suffocating him is by working on yourself. Self-assessment and sometimes, criticism, are keys to self-improvement. Besides, you’re not only doing this to attract men. This will also be very helpful for your well-being in the long run.

peaceful girl
  1. Know your passions and pursue them.
  2. Take care of your mind, body, and soul through healthy habits.
  3. Never settle for not having a goal be it in career, education, mastery, etc.
  4. Learn a new hobby to occupy your time when he’s busy. You can try cooking, arts and crafts, baking, writing, painting, and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this one.
  5. He’s important BUT you are important too. Take care of yourself before trying to take care of him.
  6. Stay in touch with your friends and family. Make them feel that they matter too even if you have a partner already.
  7. Make new connections and friendships.

There are a plethora of other things that you can do to be less needy. The most important one is to never forget about yourself. Don’t stop growing and improving. By doing so, you’re being a better person while indirectly not giving him any reason to feel suffocated anymore.

Do you have other suggestions? Join the conversation and feel free to comment below.

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