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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Man

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Are you in a trans-oriented relationship and you’re dating a man? As a transgender woman, are you puzzled if there’s a difference between a man who prefers transgender women and a man who prefers cisgender women? Yes, there are slight nuances. To know what these are, keep reading.

What Type of Man is Your Boyfriend?

Before you start adding items to your cart, you must know what type of man your boyfriend is. Without this piece of knowledge, you won’t be able to truly know if your gift will make him happy or not. For you to accurately assess this, you must be honest with your observation.

guy with a bike

The Active Type

This man loves to take care of his body. He likes to work out and he is also probably into lifting weights. You’ll probably see his social media profiles filled with outdoor activity photos. If this is the man you’re dating, the best gift ideas would be sports-inclined.

Bookish Type

He’s probably a professor or a lawyer. He could also just be into studying about different aspects of life. If you are dating a highly cerebral man like him, it’s best not to try and impress him by assuming to know what he’s into.

Instead, give him something more sentimental and has more emotional value. Don’t give him an epic or a history book that he might have already read. It’ll just go to waste.


Gone are the days when the metrosexuals are put in a less masculine box. In today’s world, a lot of straight men take pride in taking good care of their looks. Many women are also starting to gravitate towards them.

If you are dating a man who dresses better than you, give him something more classic. By doing so, you’re going to have fewer chances of him not wearing it. Don’t give him something just because it’s on-trend. Try a pair of sunglasses, a neutral-colored belt, tie, or a nice crisp white dress shirt.

Gamer Guy

Did you fall into the arms of someone who doesn’t die and only respawns? If so, you will find picking a gift for him quite easy. Gamers love trying different games no matter the genre. They do this because they like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Furthermore, a lot of them are collectors so don’t worry, they won’t discriminate. Find out what gaming console he uses and buy him a physical copy of a game that’s compatible. Sure, there are downloadable copies but a physical copy feels more sentimental.

Future CEO

Are you dating a man who’s serious about his business? If so, give him something that every CEO needs… a stylish pen! You see, businessmen sign a lot of contracts and their pen is a bit telling of their status. If you think that he deserves the best, give him the best. This type of gift is a bit cliched but you’ll be ensured that he will overuse this one.

The Bottom Guy

This is where the slight nuance comes in. If you are dating a pure bottom guy, a good gift idea would be something that can excite his anal area. There are many available items in adult toy stores to choose from. You can start with a romantic-looking red buttplug.

Gift Ideas For Long-distance Relationships

If your man fails to make the list above, you still might find some of the gift ideas below helpful. Should you and your man be dating separately, keep reading.

guy on internet

Apple Store or Google Play Cards

This may seem less sentimental and tacky but if you are dating a practical man, he is going to enjoy this. However, if you are dating an alpha man, this may not be a good idea. He might think that you’re insulting him by giving him money (technically).

Wine Gift Basket

Most men love to let loose from time to time. Some do it with the company of wine. What better way than to help him do this by sending him a wine gift basket? Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about him having it already because like any food item, the wine needs replenishment.

Coffee Collection

Many popular coffee shops offer a variety of their bestsellers. A lot of people rely on coffee in the morning. By giving him what he needs every time he wakes up, you’re also reminding him of your care even from afar. Buy him a set of coffee testers and he will surely enjoy it.

Artsy Gift

Do you have a knack for digital painting? Why not create a caricature or a portrait of your man? You may also commission someone to create a painting of him through websites like Fivver or Upwork.

Gift Ideas If You Live With Him

This will be a bit easier because you will have a better understanding of him and his reaction.


Does he constantly lose his AirPods? Is he working out constantly but still has no idea of what a smartwatch is? Know what he’s lacking and fill that void. Men love their gadgets. Giving him something truly beneficial will score you a lot of points.

A Sexy Surprise

Is he a man of the world and can afford his needs? Why not give him something that money can’t buy? Surprise him with a lovely dinner at home while putting only your sexiest lingerie on. This experience will make a mark on him and you won’t go wrong with it.

Three-day Getaway

Most men get bored easily and it’s why a lot of them like traveling. Moreover, this type of gift is also healthy most-especially if your man’s work is stress-filled. However, before doing so, be sure that the tickets are moveable so you won’t waste money should he not be available on the dates you have picked.

Something For His Car

Now, if you want to impress him and make him love you more, get something for his car. Lookup items that could pimp his car whether it be the interior or exterior. Just know that when doing so, go for something of his taste rather yours. After all, it’s he who you want to be happy on this Valentine’s day.

Do you have more suggestions? Kindly write them in the comments section.

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