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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

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Just a random trans woman playing with makeup and skincare. Loves bacon and the operating table. I'm also the author of the dating guide book Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen. Know more ->

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Attracting High-quality Men as a Transgender Woman

Because of the oppression, marginalization, and discrimination against transgender women, a lot of them have resorted to settling for less. This shouldn’t be the case because transgender women are worthy. They should be loved, adored, and coveted. If you’re a transgender woman and you’re tired of dating losers, this guide is for you. This article […]

How to get your Boyfriend to Propose to You

Are you at the stage of your life whereby you’re done with the peculiarness that comes along with trans dating? Do you want to tie the knot?  Most women find it very hard to open up this type of feeling to their boyfriends because of the fear of being rejected. Added to that, a lot […]

Why He Says You’re “Suffocating” Him

If you want to succeed in trans dating or any type of dating, you must play by the rules. Unfortunately, only the best players come out victorious when it comes to the game of love. If you’re thinking that true love will happen no matter the lack of effort you’re putting, you’re probably still watching […]

The World AIDS Day Guide

Plenty of celebrations and commemorations are held every year. However, not all of them are about fun and games. Others need to be remembered annually because they help give awareness to situations that are encompassing the overall wellbeing of many individuals. If you want to erase the stigma and be educated about AIDS, keep reading. […]

Why You’re Still Single in Your 40s

Have you ever wondered why you’re still single after all these years? Not that there’s anything wrong about it but are you at the point of your life whereby you’re ready to settle down? If not, are you simply lonely and you just want to be with somebody and see where the possibilities would take […]

What is a Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy has been on and off in the news. The controversy that comes along with it affects people from all walks of life. To people who are against the LGBTQ+ community, it’s a blessing. For LGBTQ+ individuals, it’s an attack and a curse. To scientists, it’s debunked and passe. However, it’s still better to […]

What is Transgender Day of Remembrance? (TDOR)

Transgender Day of Remembrance also known as TDOR is a memorial day for transgender people who’ve been killed by the means of transgender hatred or prejudice held every November. Albeit not all victims have identified to be trans-oriented, they have been killed based on bigots’ biases against transgender individuals.

Why Transgender Women think You’re a Pervert

Are you a guy who is genuinely looking for love on a trans dating site? Are you puzzled as to why trans women can’t seem to see your genuine feelings and often describe you as a pervert? If you’re tired of being discounted and you want a transgender girlfriend, keep reading. Please know that this […]

The Beginner Trans Ally Guide

Everyone has experienced being a neophyte and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being one. Just your desire to be a trans ally alone is already a success and warrants a celebration. However, if you truly want to embody a trans ally and be more purposeful to transgender individuals, keep reading. This guide wasn’t created to […]

How to NOT be a Single Transgender Woman

Have you been a member of a trans dating site for a reasonable amount of time but you’re still a single transgender woman? Don’t worry, I’ve been single for 7 years and I’m going to share with you how I was able to break the curse. I’m assuming that you’re looking for a partner because […]