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5 signs that you are talking to a tranny chaser

Posted on March 25, 2018
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This is going to be about men who might fit the description of a “chaser”, but also men who only display certain traits of one. A conversation with one of these people is going to either be a quick way to know where not to spend your time, or it can be an exhausting endeavour. The thing that distinguishes these men from ones who simply like trans women is that they seem to have a thing for the hunt that they embark upon when approaching us. That often means trouble.

I don’t think these men are very different from your typical narcissist. I’ll clarify that I don’t believe all chasers are narcissists, but that they certainly employ manipulative strategies to get their way nonetheless. That makes them similar in terms of communication, and as most transgender women probably know, being approached by one can be exhausting and truly push
some of the most dormant buttons within us.