Men to avoid in Transgender Dating Sites

Posted on January 10, 2020
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Have you ever watched the movie Mean Girls?  If you did, do you remember Janice Ian’s introduction of what type of people each table in their school cafeteria represents?

Today, I’m going to use that as an inspiration to help you avoid the common types of people which you can find in Transgender Dating websites.

Please know that this guide is solely from my point of view, take it with a grain of salt.  Let’s start with…

What to do on your first SEX

Posted on December 27, 2019
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We were all once novices and today, I’m going to share with you some tips on how to deal with your first sex with your transgender date or if you’re a transsexual woman, your first sex with a man.  I’m going to divide it into 2 parts, being top and being bottom.  Please know that sex doesn’t have to include penetration but this is just for those who are seeking to try this level.  There are other wonderful things you can do in the bedroom that doesn’t include a penis inside a hole.  Please also know that the tips I’m going to give are for pre-op trans women or trans women who aren’t planning to under gender reassignment surgery.

So… how are you going to maintain the ember in the heat of the moment?

Let’s start with you being a…

5 perfect gifts to give when dating a transgender woman

Posted on December 13, 2019
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Dating a transgender woman is like dating any other women, you impress her by all means just to get her heart.  Dating may have changed over the years,  and dating has evolved into so many forms like dating transgender women online.  Ways and forms of dating may change but the objective has remained the same which is to be together and maybe spend a life forever.  Along the process the old fashioned way of giving gifts have always been there.  Timeless and classic as they say to please a woman by giving her gift, yet men are struggling what could be the best gift they could give.  It takes a good shopper to know what is the perfect gift to give to a woman. 
  Take my words for it, I may be not speaking for all woman but surely most of us agree to these 5 perfect gifts that you can make a woman’s heart melt.

I’m too ugly for transgender dating sites

Posted on November 29, 2019
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Have you been in transgender dating sites for so long and you haven’t found the ONE yet.  Worse, you haven’t even gotten a single layout of your online conquests.  Please don’t think that I’m urging people to join dating websites just to get laid. Let’s get that out of the way lol.

The question is… how do you really utilize a transgender dating website to make your life less miserable?

Alrighty then…

When should you leave an abusive relationship

Posted on November 15, 2019
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Are you in an abusive relationship wherein you find yourself trapped?  You badly want to escape but you’re finding a route that is more favorable to your heart’s desire?  It’s good to be romantic and all but you have to know that life is not a fairytale waiting to happen.  That person may change but are you sure that he/she will while he/she’s still with you?  Or… have you ever thought of the possibility that he’s never going to change and your fairytale dream might just end up into a tragic headline?

Personally, I’ve experienced abuse too, mostly verbal and sexual, at a very young age.  Most of us transgender women often become prey because we have this notion that we are always grateful when somebody loves us and accepts us for who we are.  At that time, I was enjoying transitioning at the expense of my ex-boyfriend.  I was so thankful, to the point of doing absolutely everything for him.  Little did I know, it cost me a lot more than it did him…

Anyway, that’s for another story.  Today, I’m going to give you some scenarios that point towards the exit route. Don’t justify anything, just pack your bags and go.

3 Factors for a Successful Dating Profile

Posted on November 1, 2019
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I know that it may sound too technical but we didn’t wind up with a dating profile in My Transsexual Date to just fail. We signed up for the ultimate goal of true love.  In any type of success, there’s only 1 key to achieving it and that is by good ole’ strategy.

Today, I’m going to share with you the 3 most important factors in having a successful dating profile.  Let it be known that everything I’m going to share is solely from my life experiences.  Please take these tips with a grain of salt.

5 Tips to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Posted on October 18, 2019
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What happens when you meet the love of your life but they happen to be on the other side of the planet?  Meeting your date online would mean that there is a big possibility that you two don’t live in the same area or much worse in the same country.  So how do long-distance couples survive when most people say that it takes two times the effort to be in this kind of relationship?

How to tell my parents that my girlfriend is transgender

Posted on October 4, 2019
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I got a very interesting message earlier about a Filipino guy who asked me for advice on how he can tell his mother that his girlfriend is transgender.  He added that his mother is already aware that he has a girlfriend but she has no idea that she is transgender.  He’s been with his transgender date for 7 months and from his long message, it’s safe to say that he’s going through a dilemma.

Let it be known that in our country, the Philippines. transgender people are only tolerated but not yet fully accepted.  All thanks to the Macho culture and the Catholic upbringing.  He hasn’t gotten back yet about my query regarding his age so I’m going to write in here what I’ll exactly tell him to do in different circumstances.

To be honest, I’m still gushing knowing that some people take my articles seriously lol.  Alright, let’s get to it.

How to politely get out of a bad date

Posted on September 20, 2019
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The majority of us know how difficult dating is and if you’re a trans woman in transgender dating, it’s even more so.  I’ve been on bad dates on multiple occasions as a transwoman and if I had the chance to live those dates again, I would do the following tips below in order to save myself some time and free myself from headache.  However, there may be times that the first date can be awkward but the follow-up would redeem itself.  Only use this guide if your date turns out to be an asshole who thinks he’s an Adonis who’s a gift from God.

How to reject someone nicely

Posted on September 6, 2019
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There are a lot of men in transgender dating websites and if you’re very easy to get or absolutely have no standards at all, you’re going to rack up multiple exchanges in your inbox.  Sometimes in life, you have to learn the art of rejection with and that entails learning to say no without offending or hurting others’ feelings.  Please know that even if you wrap up rejection in the nicest way you can, some feelings will still get hurt… but you get the gist.

Wow Amanda, how very contradictory of you!