When your transgender date is Insecure

Posted on September 21, 2018
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I think insecurity happens once in a while to everybody except Elizabeth Taylor or Mariah Carey (I love them).

As a transgender woman, I have a LOT of insecurities.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how you can deal with your transgender date who’s battling her physical insecurities.  Puberty of a transwoman is different from a ciswoman. I didn’t grow boobs or started my period at 14.  A woman’s shape and form are what I aspired to have and it didn’t happen overnight and for free.  You have to know that although we get to live with what we have, there are times when it can become crippling seeing ourselves in the mirror without the reflection of who we want to be.  The lack of hips, butt, smaller waist, breasts, suppler skin, gentler facial features and etc. can all target a transitioning transwoman.

When I was 17, I already had soft features (I’m Asian) but I HATED my pot belly and fat arms because my Filipino diet consists of rice daily.  Yeah right Amanda, blame it on the Filipino diet.

My transgender date loathes me

Posted on August 24, 2018
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Nobody’s born with an arsenal of world knowledge. We all started from ignorance.  The very reason why schools were created is for us to learn.

You really want to pursue your transgender date but you’ve said something out of ignorance that made her dislike you. What do you do now?

I don’t think that there’s a person who exists who hasn’t said anything out of ignorance. If you find yourself in a sticky situation and you want to make things right, I’m here for you.

Please know that us transgender women have been struggling ever since we learned the difference of genders. If you’re thinking “Amanda, we all struggle”, you have to stop.  Yes, we all struggle, but the thing that urged you to read this is because you’ve accidentally said something insensitive to your Trannsexual date hence, we need to talk about HER struggle.

Never EVER Misgender your Transgender Date

How to ask your transgender girlfriend to move in

Posted on August 3, 2018
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So your transgender date magically turned into your girlfriend. You want to seal the deal somehow and move on to the next level.

There are a lot of joys when it comes to living in with your partner. As a transgender woman, my perspective is coming from a “wifely” role lol.  I thoroughly enjoyed being domesticated and being the perfect homemaker for my ex=boyfriend.  The utter joy overshadowed my miniscule pet peeves like dirty clothes on the floor and shoes everywhere.  I’m talking about my personality so be sure that you really know your transgender girlfriend before moving in with her.

Find the Perfect Timing

My Worst Experience in a Transgender Dating Site

Posted on July 27, 2018
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I am trying not to stop myself from fuming from what I’m about to write. Keep it professional Amanda! We all know that transgender dating sites do more good than bad but I just want to share with you my worst experience with one.

I’m not going to name the website but it’s one of the most popular ones way back in 2007.  It had a Backpage/Craigslist kind of theme.  You could literally post an ad without having a profile.

My worst experience on a transgender dating website was when I was a college student at 17yo.  I know, I wasn’t legal… but, what can I say!? I needed love lol.  If you are below 18, please learn from my mistake.

Worst Transgender Dating Site Experience

How to Impress your Transgender Date

Posted on July 20, 2018
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I know that it’s never good to brag but making an impression is vital if you want to snag your transgender date’s feelings. First of all, I want to congratulate you because you’ve reached the next level. Now that your transgender dream girl has said yes to going out with you, you need to keep a tight hold on your luck.  Don’t waste the chance to impress her on your first date so she’ll become more than just a dream girl.

Her Favorite Food

How to get noticed by your transgender crush

Posted on July 13, 2018
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She’s currently your transgender crush but you want to turn her into your transgender date.

Let it be known that you may have your ways with cisgender women but you can’t use the same tricks on a new playing field.  There are familiar similarities with dating in general but some scenarios are polarizing that you’d have to be prepared.  I’m going to give you a thing or 2 to think about before you pursue your future transgender date.

Buckle up sweetie.

From Transgender Crush to Transgender Date

Mood Swings of your Transgender Date

Posted on July 8, 2018
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It’s been rainy lately in my country and the gloom is slowly taking over me. I just want to talk about my mood swings as a transgender woman which I obtain from taking hormones. It might help you with your transsexual date so if you’re inclined, keep reading.

For you to have a successful relationship with a transgender woman, first thing you need to know is if she is undergoing hormone replacement therapy.  I’ve been taking hormones since I was 16 and I can control my emotions but there are just some times that I let them get the best of me.

There are 2 types of medication when undergoing hormone replacement therapy. These are estrogen and anti-androgen.  I’m not going to lecture you about what they do but I’m going to sum it up by…

Estrogen = Emotions/Libido
Anti-Androgen = Libido

Your Transgender Date’s Hormones

Why do men date Transgender Women?

Posted on July 1, 2018
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I don’t think that there’s a general explanation for one’s dating preference.  I’m just going to list the reasons that men told me why they date a transgender woman like me.  These reasons are solely from the perspective of the guys I’ve dated.

If you are a man who likes dating transgender women, please know that some of the things below may not apply to you.  Don’t attack me if you will find this inaccurate.  I’m a Blogger, not a sociologist.

Why do men date Transgender Women like ME?

Let me preface this by warning you that I will be brutally honest.  I won’t hide the reasons why and some of them may not be safe for work so…  It will all be up to you if you will receive MY truth.

Transsexual Dating Paradigm

Posted on June 24, 2018
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I don’t think that there’s an exact model when it comes to transsexual dating.  Every dating situation is different but I’m going to enlist the most common relationships in dating websites for transsexual women.  Along with the list comes tips with how to make them work.

PS: I am in no way an expert in dating but I have friends who successfully found life partners through transsexual dating sites.