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Top Five Transgender Anime Characters from the ‘90s

Growing up transgender in the late 80s to late 90s, it was quite difficult to find the right kind of positive media representation that made one proud, or at least comfortable about being trans. In a world saturated with Western media, trans-representation can be a rare thing.

What to Expect from a Transgender Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is quite a vast topic so I’ve decided to make a condensed guide of the most important details that you have to know. This guide will be all-inclusive and we’re not just going to discuss the neovagina. If you’re a trans man who happened to stumble upon this guide, keep reading as […]

Should you lower your standards for a man?

I’m writing this because I just got gold-digger shamed in a transgender dating site.  To be honest, I’ve been financially independent since I was 19 and I’ve only experienced depending on a man when I was 18.  I’m 29 and I’m currently working 3 jobs and it is funny that I’m still called a gold […]

How to approach a trans woman

Are you new to a transgender dating website and you’re overwhelmed with the bountiful amount of options?  I know, I’ve been there too. Along with the surprise comes the feeling of being totally lost. Especially if the options you see speak audibly to your desires.Worry not because I’m going to give you some tips on […]

How to have a lasting relationship

I’ve been listening to Forever by Mariah Carey repeatedly and it greatly inspired me to write an article on how to possibly achieve forever with your transgender date. Forever is a very assuming and brave word to predict a relationship’s outcome as we all know that it’s something that’s more volatile than the stock market […]

Men to avoid in Transgender Dating Sites

Have you ever watched the movie Mean Girls?  If you did, do you remember Janice Ian’s introduction of what type of people each table in their school cafeteria represents? Today, I’m going to use that as an inspiration to help you avoid the common types of people which you can find in Transgender Dating websites. […]

What to do on your first SEX

We were all once novices and today, I’m going to share with you some tips on how to deal with your first sex with your transgender date or if you’re a transsexual woman, your first sex with a man.  I’m going to divide it into 2 parts, being top and being bottom.  Please know that […]

I’m too ugly for transgender dating sites

Have you been in transgender dating sites for so long and you haven’t found the ONE yet.  Worse, you haven’t even gotten a single layout of your online conquests.  Please don’t think that I’m urging people to join dating websites just to get laid. Let’s get that out of the way lol. The question is… […]