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Bravo et félicitations pour votre site. Je cherchais un site de rencontre sérieux et de qualité. Non seulement votre site a répondu à mes attentes mais est également allé bien au-delà, je pense notamment à la série de conseils reçue en début d'inscription. Ensuite, je tenais à vous remercier parce que votre site m'a permis de faire une rencontre magnifique qui me comble de bonheur et dans laquelle je fonde beaucoup d'espoir.

Stéphane, 40, Francia

I really like this site. It is very easy to navigate and it has a smart look and is very functional. But most importantly, the people on this site are genuine and real! I have enjoyed many chats and I can honestly say that I have made friends through this site. I am happy I found this place.

Tom, 64, Canadá

Customer service like this goes far beyond what I was expecting - rest assured that, if I do get back into the dating scene, your website will be my first port of call.

Ryan, 26, Australia

Está página me ayudado mucho a conocer a muchas personas. Lo más lindo de este sitio es que hay personas maravillosas, personas buenas.

Camii, 26, Perú

Hola, estoy muy agradecida a este dating site por haberme ayudado a encontrar al amor de mi vida. Fue amor a primera vista. Ya hemos planeado vivir juntos y casarnos. Todo gracias a ustedes Cyrll. Adoro este sitio de citas. Saludos de Cecilia.

Cecilia, 48, Perú

Thank you, I keep coming back lol, it does seem to be one of the only sites where I'm not being treated like I'm some desperate sl*t (excuse my language)

Lucy, 44, Reino Unido

I just want to say thank you to Maki and Cyril, and EVERYONE at My Transsexual Date. I am new to the site, but have been to other sites, and this is by far the best! Beyond functionality of the interface, the sleek lines and intuitive layout, I have found the people I have met kind and warm and lovely. And the daily posts with information on dating Transexual/Transgender women... it has made it so much easier for me to be more in my own skin, and in turn be open and honest with myself as a transoriented gentleman. In addition, it is a wonderful way to be welcomed into the community, and I do hope that others appreciate and see the unique work all of you are doing to better the world, one relationship at a time :) Again, I am very happy and glad I found this site and that you are graciously enabling me and my future partner meeting each other. Sincerely Michael

Michael, 47, Canadá

How have you been doing Maki, I just wanted to say hi because of your site I have met a lot of beautiful transgender woman each and every one of them is special in there own way so I want to say thank you :) have a nice day

Javier, 22, Estados Unidos

A friend had met her (boy)friend on MyTranssexualDate. I was registered for two years and I had suspended my subscription for some time because I was not convinced of this site. Recently, we had dinner together and she told me that she had met a lovely boy and was starting a beautiful relationship. I activated my account and I met Sylvere... We immediately exchanged our phone numbers... and it was, I think, a love at first sight. We understand each other, accept my situation, but our schedules do not allow us to see each other as often as we would like. There are beautiful people on this site. You have to be patient and sort it out... This is in my opinion the best site for people who want to meet "translovers". Thanks to Cyril and all his team.

Lou, 45, Francia

Je voulais juste vous remercier d'avoir créé ce site. Il est très important pour nous de pouvoir lier des liens avec des personnes cisgenres dans un environnement sécurisé. L'isolement est notre plus grand problème. Il y a beaucoup de transphobie verbale ou physique autour de nous. Et votre site est pour moi une véritable ouverture aux autres. Une ouverture aux autres sécurisée.

Diane, 43, Francia

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