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JW 55, Estados Unidos

Just a quick note to thank you for your site. I have met several outstanding individuals here and I wanted you to know. Many have show me that they have proper upbringing and with religious and family values. Of course, there have been scammers but i am amazed how quickly they are banned and I think it really maintains the quality of the site. I went to Cebu once as a result and plan to return again. And I am a professional in the united States and I believe there are many choices for a great partner here. Keep up the good work and I believe this will become the number one dating site.

Septiembre de 2016

Gloria 37, Francia

Petit et court message pour vous féliciter pour votre site. Il est parfait! Après un bannissement sur tinder ou adopte un mec, pour le seul motif d'être trans, se sentir bienvenue sur un site, tourné en plus vers le serieux, me ravit. Longue vie à vous :)

Septiembre de 2016

Brianna 21, Reino Unido

I love this site so much, I can safely say that it's changed my life

Abril de 2016

Hugh 48, Australia

You guys do a good job on the site.... moderating and cleaning up the scams! Your 5 intro emails and blog etc have really helped me. While this is a business for you - and why not - I like your ethical approach. I sense that doing running the site is also something you love and is dear to your heart. Keep happy. :-)

Marzo de 2016

John-Paul 43, Reino Unido

I did want to share my utter appreciation for what you've have created here together with Cyril. I've been a member of various different sites over the years, from sites like OKCupid to Plenty of Fish and their ilk, but I've never ever found a dating site with such sincerity and beautiful intentions as yours. I'm moved by your attention of care - your dating tip messages, and your diligence to keeping the site free of undesirables and making it as safe a place as you can. Really, thank you!

Marzo de 2016

Emma 21, Países Bajos

Thank you for this platform, it really makes life for people like me easier

Marzo de 2016

Cielo 31, España

Gracias por brindarnos este medio para socializar y encontrar el amor, he visto que es un sitio web privilegiado, de buena reputación y seguro... me alegra que hagas muy buen trabajo ! Felicitaciones !!

Marzo de 2016

Mary 43, México

Muchas gracias y felicidades de verdad hace falta un espacio asi. Éxito y buenaventura.

Febrero de 2016

Brendy 29, Italia

Ciao Amministratore Cyril. Volevo soltanto scrivere due parole per esprimere la mia emozione per la tua storia d'amore e anche per questo sito meraviglioso ! Non sono mai stata così fluttuante in un sito di incontri. Grazie per la tua magnifica idea!

Febrero de 2016

Kayleigh 23, Reino Unido

A fantastic website, a place where everyone is free to be themselves and find the love of their life or friendship. Since I joined my confidence has improved and I am forever feeling happy. More people need to know about this site!! Thank you so much MY TRANSSEXUAL DATE!

Febrero de 2016

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