Players need Not apply

I am interested in men between 35 and 54

I am looking for Making friends


It’s complicated
176 cm (5'9")
71 kg (157 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Education level
Vocational School
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
With my family
Never but I do not mind smoke
Zodiac sign
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I'm 5' 10", I don’t work out & could stand to lose 15 lbs, but have it pretty good with my height & eating right, though I do need to get physical. My pictures are current. I’m a Former Muse, in the separation of mind & heart in my marriage, in which he totally acted inappropriately online. I still believe in love, chivalry, selflessness....To Err is Human, To forgive is.......for God & something my heart can’t do on certain things. Actually it’s more like a stroke & cut off from my control. I need to be an active muse for myself, however just always been easier to be THAT OF & FOR others. I’ve been in a hyperbolic sleep for quite some time, trying to wake up. I need to get Woke! I’m independent yet co dependent, fiercely protective yet don’t hold back with anything I feel or think. ALWAYS been very communicative. I give my all but will only give what I get at a certain point I see I’m not getting what I’m giving I feel lately like I’ve been in a cocoon & I’m not sure when I’m about to bust out! I Love music & LATELY it's Lady Gaga (Lady Goo Goo), Lana Del Rey to the Max! I like everything from BLONDIE to Enya to Maroon 5 to Natalie Merchant, Nina Hagen to Roseanne Cash & Hole, to Enigma, Gossip, Beth Ditto, Siouxsie Sioux (Mantaray Lp a MUST!), Chris Isaak, Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Berlin (Terri Nunn), The Motels (Apocalypto song, a must), Stevie Nicks, Sisters of Mercy, Cyndi Lauper (Bring you to the Brink Lp a Fav), Eurythmics (I've Got a Life song my fav at the moment), Kate Bush (running up that Hill, a deal with God ALWAYS my fav) however the recent 2 1/2 hr CD release of Before The Dawn I listen to, sleep & or expand the consciousness. Music goes on & on & all over the place except rap I'm PICKY love Missy E EVERYTHING, & Nicky Minaj SOME,don’t like country music as a whole, though there’s exceptions like Dolly, Juice Newton, The Judds, THE Loretta, Ronnie Milsap, I’m just picky with limited country music. I’m essentially pop & rock & roll, well 80’s, Disco, easy listening ALL over the place. I don’t like any slanderous words actually & Hate isn’t in my vocabulary except maybe when it comes to animal and ALL LIFE lover, I even trap flies to get them outdoors. The only bug I’ll kill is a mosquito because it’s just GROSS! Anything going to suck on me isn’t a bug, maybe a ????‍vampire, on a GOOD DAY! I think I’m Yin Yang really.....

Tv - I love the classics like I Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy (get where I'm going with Lucy), & Shirley, Alice, Mom, Everybody Loves Raymond, Adventures of Old Christine, The Middle...Anything & Everything MM especially Let's Make Love, The Prince & The Showgirl, & The Misfits. I'm a joker, I'm all over the place in Likes & Loves, extremely manogamous to a faUlt.
That’s why I don’t know what I’m looking for other than to wake up again & Muse, I was so good at it. If I had been one, would have been (in this order) Erato, Thalia, Melpomene....