Looking for a personality, not a sexuality

I am interested in men between 48 and 65

I am looking for Relationship and Marriage


188 cm (6'2")
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
I don’t know
Education level
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


I'm happy, positive, and thrilled with life. I have had a long path to get to where I am now and will never go back. I'm a proud transgender woman, kind, tender, and full of love.

You: please, please, please be a positive person, sarcasm, and passive-aggressive behavior not welcomed. Looking for someone that lives in the now and isn’t always looking for the negative or living in the past. I don’t care what your quirks are, but being negative is one thing I can’t deal with. I am against hate, if you are a rebel flag kinda person, we will not get along. I do not tolerate hate at all. You, No photo(s), Me, no talk!

To be honest, I am attracted to a person's heart, spirit, and essence. I’m a happy pansexual, gender really does not matter to me.

I guess I miss out on a lot of people because I prefer not talking about sex when meeting someone online. I prefer to get to know the real man, what his life is like, and who he is. If I know a man's heart and personality, the sex part, well, that’s just part of him for me to accept. Sometimes not knowing all the sex stuff upfront also lets me discover explore and that can be fun. So many guys think that airing all of their sexual laundries is important, it’s not! Showing their ability to be loving will get them a lot further.

I prefer to be a bottom because it's the traditional role of the woman, I like making my man happy. I can be versatile, it's dependant on the guy I'm with. If I am really connected in a deeply emotional way with my guy I will do a lot of stuff, it makes me happy. I’m a very sexual being for the guy that treats me right, treat me bad, and the sex not so good. Sex is easy, but the getting along part is the hard part.

I have lived as a gay male and a female, I have been with men and women. I know what feels good and I like to please both sexually and relationship-wise. I want the same from you.

I had breast augmentation recently, I’m now a “D” cup, I love them. I’m now inspired to get into better shape. I have lost 20 pounds since Christmas, I’m walking and running some (over 5 miles a day) as well as doing some exercises at home. My goal is to be in a swimsuit this summer and proud of myself. I’m gonna kick up my sexy and my femininity. I’m feeling good!! I want to be someone's tall long-legged beauty.

I am a residential Architectural Designer. I love to hike, and honestly need to get back on the trail. I also like camping and travel.

I really love hugs, hand-holding, snuggling, and playful sexual things that don’t require words. Sometimes words ruin the moment, but little touches, taps, and kisses start my fire.

I don’t bite when spoken to. I’m a nice person, I’m good for chats so say hello. I would really like to find someone that travels, I have never done so but would love to see the world.
Remember, when you are feeling very hollow you will not stay hollow, it just takes time to fill the void again.. the glass is neither half empty nor half full... it's refillable.