On Hold for Now until further Notice

I am interested in men between 18 and 60

I am looking for Making friends, Relationship & Marriage


168 cm (5'6")
60 kg (132 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Does it really matter?
Would travel
Would relocate
Customer service
Education level
Eating habits
I live
I drink
I smoke
Never but I stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
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*ON HOLD on Dating
Best thing about men is they dont want to travel they believe its not worth the risk for uncertainty ( efforts ,energy & money) but as soon as u r travelling to their country thats when they swarm u like Regatta of flies sailing around a pile of poo.

Let me explain y I wont date such men coz Ive been asked
- coz I dont see future dating man with such traits ( rather date disable guy at least I know hes a real excuse not to come and visit me where I live)
- not fond of them, I want my man to be a real man, the one who can handle risk, responsibility and commitment
- such a huge TURN OFF / allergy

Ive been travelling living in another countries for years, challenge & risking everything Ive got just so I can improve myself & life therefore I expect same trait. Its not easy to have a decent life being a trans most of us have to work hard and cry at night to be beautiful / be admired so if u guys unwilling to sacrifice a bit then we are not meant for each other

few men on dating sites complained on how they have been mistreated and conned,first of all, u cant put all the blame on the girls... the fact that men couldnt handle reality and the truth and prefer lies over honesty, makes them an easy target. what do u expect anyway? u prefer lies u get it ... u only want to listen to all the good and nice thing

Most men r judgemental, love to look down on the girls..... throughout my years and years of experience,some or majority of men think we as trans shouldnt have high expectation when it comes to love and men, that we should just accept anything that walks and crawls towards us. that we shouldnt be picky.

Relationship is a 2 way communication, physical attraction comes first .... offline or online. Then only comes down to what is inside - your inner beauty or whatever bollocks u want to believe in. Therefore it is CRUCIAL to post RECENT and MORE PICTURES on your profile. Reason being
- to avoid disappointment & waste of time
- its alot easier that way more transparent...u like how i look and i like the way u look so we can proceed and get to know each other ( in general )

Lying has been some of the girls best option knowing men only go for "what they want to hear" - selective hearing ,rather than whats really happening. men r the one who create that demand... the girls ONLY play along to fit into that demand and selective hearing. I rather listened to all the damn ugly truth than all that Beautiful Bollocks ( which i get alot ) .
one thing that men need to know, we all want to be loved somehow someway, but it requires mutual attraction physically and emotionally.... just because we r trans doesnt mean we have to like every single man just because u r into any of us, we have perfect eyesight ( thats why u need to post MOST CURRENT and MORE than just A bloody pic or 3 ) , taste & preferences as well, so man up, work harder and take rejection as a man and stop being unreasonable for nothing.