Don't second guess your heart, it's never wrong.

I am interested in men between 30 and 45

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59 kg (130 lbs)
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Hey you! Thanks for visiting my profile. I will have to give you a brief description of myself, so we can skip the small talk. I just arrived in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago (update: 10 Apr 19) and I am here to do my PhD. I was working in an intergovernmental organisation before I arrived here. I put law as my field there, but I am not a solicitor, but my field is close to that. I know people will ask about my PhD, and I rarely talk about it on dating websites, but it is about the use of algorithms in an ongoing ethnic conflict in Asia.

I am only looking for someone serious. Please, please, please skip my profile if you are just into casual sex, hook-up or whatever you call it. Please don't lie about your intentions either just to get laid. I am looking for someone hygienic, smart and nice (not just to me but to the people working in restaurants too). And yes, a sense of humour wont hurt!

I believe in living one's life to the fullest, and I try not to put restrictions on myself. I enjoy life clichés and can be entertained with the world's simplest things. I dislike small talk, but I would talk about life for hours. I am into conversations about life, arts, astronomy, music, your most embarrassing moment and what keeps you up at night. I'd like to mention that I am a big fan of museums and cultural tours.

I am a bookworm, and I usually devote so much time reading books ranging from sci-fi to biography, from philosophy to crime dramas. I enjoy friendly debates and stimulating philosophical conversations; it is best when these tête-a-têtes are escorted with hot black coffee and croissants. I think it is also worth citing that I am a big history buff and a culturalist. If you could go back to any period in the past, what/where would it be?

I am a cinephile. Films play a big part in my life. In fact, I have directed two independent films: a docu and a feature. My favourite directors are Tarkovsky, Fellini, Bergman, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Tarantino, Miyazaki, Aronofsky, del Toro, Scorsese, Diaz, Ellis, and von Trier. I am in love with the psychological thriller genre, crime fiction and detective stories. What are your favourite films?

I am a music addict. The songs I listen to are not representations of my current feels, but its a part of my life. I enjoy listening to Tchaikovsky, Armstrong, Mclean, RHCP, Dolphy, Nirvana, Queen, Zeppelin, Beatles and more. That's how weird my music taste buds are. I have been trying to learn how to play the harmonica since god knows when. If you can play the guitar, let's pretend we're Dylan. Perhaps you could give me new artists name to listen to? :)

I am also a console gamer. Due to work, I have been playing less and less nowadays, but I am so keen to finish RRD2! I also have Steam, so we can play if we're not in the same city. I am more into FPS and RPG, though! But my all-time favourite game is a horror one. It's on ps2.

I hope that I was able to provide you with a glimpse of who I am.