My name is as unique as it is rare. U do the math.

I am interested in men between 25 and 65

I am looking for Relationship & Marriage


French, English & Arabic
186 cm (6'1")
77 kg (170 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
I don’t know
Would relocate
I don’t know
Education level
Eating habits
I live
I drink
I smoke
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


I am normally 100% real but let me keep it 150% with some of u men. If u refer transgender women as "ladyboy, shemale, tranny" & all these demeaning & degrading terms. I'm a NOT interested knowing u.
Second. If after your 20ties you r insecure & still questioning your sexual preferences. We r definitely not a match.
If u have to hide to talk/like/love tg women that means you do not see us and respect us as women nor want us as possible lovers/wives but only as sexual objects that you can use abuse in total secrecy. You are definitely NOT man enough for me. If u have not figured yourself out by now chances are you will never do.
Reading some men it seem they think this is a "catalog" to order made to measure transgender women. Your list of "requirements" are insanely unreasonable. If U are not the man you claim U R, you should not expect a "PERFECT" lady. That is a very simple equation.
On a much jovial tone. I Neferti, educated cultured sophisticated West African transgender lady, polyglot, with an international upbringing (Congo, Deutschland, Egypt, France, Belgium, Morocco, Kuwait, Côte-d'Ivoire, Gambia, Venezuela, Canada, United States).
I am Independent, self-sufficient, sane, sober, opinionated with a liberal progressive mind. An artist @ heart with a creative bohemian soul. Une femme du monde. Senegalese by birth and NYC resident . Simply looking 4 a worldly handsome SMART kind, chivalrous gentleman that is GENUINELY interested in mutually building a loving long term relationship if the chemistry is there. A gentleman that wants a true lady in his life that will b his best friend, confident, lover, partner and wife. A manly man that is not afraid 2 get down & dirty. A man that likes the outdoors (hiking, camping, boating, fishing) & likes to take his woman along. Yet refine enough 2 enjoy art & culture. A man that'll let me love him care 4 him & make him a King, my king. I'm super feminine & only interested men that R EXCLUSIVELY a top & I mean 100% top. NO versatile as I wouldn't b able 2 to give him what he needs in that department. I don't top EVER.
Now it's simply IMPOSSIBLE 2 build anything long distance. If a passport is required 2 meet chances R it won't ever lead 2 anything unless very internationally mobile.
Now 4 the REAL gentlemen that R looking 4 a meaningful relationship, If reciprocity let's talk & C how it goes. Anything evolving from it would b dictated by mutual chemistry.

Despite my very reasonable rant i'm very tender, serene, laid back, fun and funny, compassionate woman, but expect a brutal honesty, 100% of sincerity, loyalty. And mostly a housewife material. Love 2 cook & care of my man with devotion. The ideal life 2 me would b me & my man living somewhere in the countryside, traveling the world but always back 2 our love nest. Having a kid would b a joyful bonus 2 our love.
PS: Je suis francophone .

Eat right own less do more travel light laugh daily. Get weird & keep it 100%.
Starve the ego feed the soul.