Hello NJ =)

I am interested in men between 45 and 99

I am looking for Fun / dating


English, Arabic & Polish
180 cm (5'10")
62 kg (137 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Education level
Eating habits
I live
I drink
I smoke
Never but I stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


Please before reading... if you are versatile or bottom switch, gay-WITH ALL RESPECT-, or you like playing, touching or sucking males organs... .please DO NOT text me AS we're NOT a match at all...

I am only looking for TOP men, with ONLY MEN's attitudes and ACTIONS.. who would like to see me as A GIRLLLL and nothing MORE but a GIRL...

and really serious in being in touch

I see myself a girl, i love being a girl, wearing silky long or short -but not too short- nightgowns, babydolls, wigs, makeup, belly dance...being fluffy. When I wear my silky satin long nighgown or robe, when it touches my soft smooth body, I feel amazing, I feel I have to be with a man now. I have to be with someone who can make me feel a girl... who can treat me as if I'm his young little bitch but of course with respect without extremism.

I love to walk and talk to him like a girl, dance for him, play with his chest and body. Let him play with my ONLY gily parts - lips, ass, cheeks, hair, arms, hands, legs )

While my sexy silky nightgown is on me, full makeup, bra, silky wig, soft cute red lips, long eyelashes...I can tease very well...
I would like him to feel he's with a very sexy submissive listener fluffy girl.
I fancy meeting and getting to know someone who feels me and understands me the way I described
Again I'm stressing on the FACT that I love being and feeling a girl, and I wish to meet a daddy who wants me this way... I promise, he will see only a girl... soft, hot, fluffy, wig, makeup and more :)
I like to be dominated - NOT HUMILIATED OR TORTURED BY ANY MEANS -, and totally submissive. I WOULDN'T like or do anything connected with me as not a girl.
I would love to feel my feminine part with you, I don't see myself gay with ALL DUE RESPECT to whoever, but rather I consider myself a girl, you'd see me only as a girl..

Things I love and I always go by when I meet:
- stilettos - black or red
- silky satin nightgown, tight short, or tight lace, or lace kinda long. I love the feel of silk on my smooth body..
- Black tights or stockings
- Silky hair wig of almost real hair, I got three, one of them is blonde,
- Earrings, I don't have piercing but I have my earring without piercing ones.
- Necklace
- neck soft silky band, that would also cover my adam's apple
- bra that would hold my silicon fake breasts that I love to wear
- Red nails
- PlayBoy Ribbon around my wig

Plus and most importantly, my girly attitude. Treat me as a lady and a girl, and you'll enjoy being with me.

I am a practical kind , so instead of writing to me about what you feel, whether I am alone, what I am wearing now, or what I would like to do when we meet, or what a shame you're too far, which I find a total awkwardness, come up with a plan of how to meet in real and in person.
I can smell and feel those timewasters, teenage-like ones and I wouldn't really be eager to write back to them.
Again I respect everyone but I am real down-to-earth.