Hopeful Practice; Practice. Hope...

I am interested in men between 18 and 60

I am looking for Fun / dating, Making friends, Relationship, and Marriage


177 cm (5'9")
65 kg (143 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
I don’t know
Salesman / saleslady
Education level
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
With my family
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


I am an only child, from a very small family, live with my mother outside of New York City.

I work full time in retail, have done so for 20 years; I am neither happy nor miserable with it but content; I am contemplating a career change at some point.

I consider myself somewhat of a loner, having grown up without much family and as an only child got used to doing almost everything on my own and on my own terms and have never had too many friends at any given time. Despite this I am not anti social, at least I don't think I am, it's partially circumstantial and partially my introverted nature (INTJ).

My profile stats are accurate, my photos are all 1-2 years old and I wear both contact lenses and glasses depending where I am going or what I am doing.

I enjoy jogging and being outdoors in general (being I work inside all day); sight seeing, admiring nature and/or architecture; I eat healthy for the most part and enjoy sampling new foods; beverages & treats; love museums, galleries, old houses and spooky places; love antiques like doll collections and vintage home decor (love Gothic, Victorian and Art Nouveau/Deco); watching TV show reruns from the '80s & '90s and looking at toys, games, commercials & advertisements from the same time; love researching and trying good quality beauty products (soaps, hair products, makeup & fragrances)

Love music, almost always have a tune or two in my head at the same time; my favorite genres of music are Classical, Classic Rock of the 'late 60s and '70s , '80s New Wave/Post Punk, '80s/'90s Hard Rock, '90s Alternative Rock & various amounts of Pop Rock mixed in from all four of those decades. I am not familiar with a lot music produced after the '90s and early aughts.

I would love to chat and/or make new friends & see where things go. I enjoy chatting with new people from all over. Here are a few final thoughts in my own words:

Understand myself a bit more every day; revising; cherishing moments; getting by; hoping for more; learning from mistakes (sometimes by making new ones); trying not to dwell in the past by not shaming the present and fearing the future; using my best attributes to attain and secure; accepting that there will always be a lot more I do not know; remaining excited by the small things; slowly understanding my dreams; baby steps every day; channeling my inner child with my adult mind; looking in the mirror to see a person on a journey; realizing and accepting there aren't always prizes and not every body gets one; knowing even if I feel alone that I do not have to be; understanding if I don't always do a good job I will not loose points; compartmentalization is not always good, neither is separation; anxiety is part of life, for as long as my body and brain can handle it; there is nothing wrong with turning to others; paying it forward does not ultimately guarantee you'll get it back; happy endings are real, so is love (in all it's forms).

Every day is "Here I Go Again..."

<3 Noelle <3