Looking for my top lifemate...

I am interested in non-op and transvestites between 18 and 50

I am looking for Making friends, Relationship, and Marriage


English and German
179 cm (5'10")
+100 kg (220 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Below average
Would travel
Would relocate
Education level
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
Eat anything
With my family
Never but I do not mind smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


Who am I? Habitual misfit, eternal outsider, quiet observer, shy loner, broken soul, nerdy wierdo, hopeless romantic, sociophobic geek, profile peeker, borderline asperger, serious dreamer, likely misunderstood, xenophile, social-anxiety disordered; all these and more might describe me. But to truly know me takes more...

Oh, and I generally am far too shy to speak to people I want to talk with... it often takes me -ages- to work up the courage to even say hello, and I loose that courage very quickly when the fears I might be unwelcome start growing... I also suppose I am more the passive-reactive type then active, in more then one regard...

What I hope for? Finding someone to truly love. Not an adventure or something, but the one person who I could rely on, who will share with me all the joy and sorrows of life, who will always be on my side no matter what happens, who will help me heal the wounds the world caused my soul instead of only adding to them, who will always be true when all others are not, who will take the time and effort to understand me even when it becomes difficult, who will keep their promises instead of make excuses, who will fill me with her love and unlock my often broken heart.
And the one who I will give all my love for in return. A true partner, a true lifemate.

What I like? I am a rather nerdy person, and fulfill almost every "Nerd Cliché" you can find in popular culture, from a love for science fiction and fantasy stories (no matter if novels, movies, computer games, manga or roleplaying games) to a social awkwardness through lack of experience in such situations, from a shut-in lifestyle resulting from that to to a wide range of knowledge with often questionble usefulness... the only thing I do not cover is living in my mothers basement. I don't, its the attic of my own house. ;)
I am also rather thoughtful, and often somewhat melancholic. Sometimes shy, but way more open minded then I might appear to others if someone breaks the ice first (not just generally, also for specifics). I am a bit of a hopeless romantic, but way too timid to act on it myself. I also am a habitual misfit, and thus often attracted to those who are different from the "normal" (which is an illusion anyhow). I am smart, but I find it difficult to understand peoples emotions. I am kind, but often lack self-confidence.

And because it has come up in the past...
...no I cannot travel to other places. I have a job I cannot take vacations from and other responsibilities tying me down here.
...no, I will not send money. I made that mistake once already, fool that I was, and it cost me more then I care to think of.
...yes, I am a submissive bottom. Not the BDSM kind (though I never tried so I cannot say for sure), but... that is my general state of personality - I am generally the passive kind, and yes, that means I dream every day of a beautiful partner well equipped to fill the active role.
...yes, I am inexperienced. But all too willing to learn.