Wheres are the good & serious ppl, CANADA ONLY

I am interested in men between 30 and 44

I am looking for Relationship & Marriage


171 cm (5'7")
75 kg (165 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
I don’t know
Would relocate
I don’t know
Education level
Secondary/High School
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
I live
I drink
I smoke
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


PEDOPHILES get get lost if your old enough to be my parents your a pedophile you may as well block me becuz Ill block you

If your profile says mostly N/A then your N/A you should block me becuz Ill block you

Reading my profile will stand out on your first message!

Yes might see this as hypocritical, but like cis women with cis men, in the woman so premium members only message me shows me your seriousness I may I may not upgrade but I dont need to I just know premium members are less likely to waste our time then standard and Im not gonna Upgrade if Im wasting my time already been wasting my time,

I do want the surgery theres no talking me out of it,

I am not a fetish Im not a sex object you will treat me with respect if not you will be instantly blocked your first message tells me a lot about you so make it count becuz I wont even bother if you dont

Again Canada only perferlibly southern Ontario Canada sorry no Americans and no over seas! I dont have a passport nor do I plan to for a long while

Tops only!
Sorry not into other TG love ya sister or brother but sorry and goodluck!

No couples!
You must have a real job
Must have a pic(s) on profile!

Must fill out your profile it also shows a lot about you blank shows either laziness or not serious

Im looking for future marriage meaning long term relationship with marriage in mind
Id love to be your dream girl make me your doll your stepford wife!
I just Wanta be beautiful and perfect we all have our idea of beautiful and perfect so dont be shy

Answer these! Do not skip!
Sorry for these I hate politics too but these questions are important
Donald trump?
Doug Ford?

Now that policats is outta the way continue answering these do not skip!
Bad habits?
Good habits?
Sexual orientation?
Do you like scifi comics videogames?
Whats your goal here? With messaging me?
Whos your female celebrity crushes?
Ill answer them in return

If you can not talk on here get to know me dont bother I wont give my contact info till I get to know you
I dont use whatsapp I do not send xrated pic(s) we talk on here awhile then Ill give you my fb and/or text

I am looking for future marriage
Kids are not a deal breaker I would like kids but only way that is possible is adoption or seragate

I love fetish outfits but I am not a fetish
Latex vinyl leather catsuits and other outfits
Cheerleader uniform
Japanese sailor schoolgirl uniform
Open to other outfits and
role playing

Im strictly a bottom (curious sub)
not into couples but I am into woman sorry not other TG
I want to be fem and your dream girl I would love to twin Selena Gomez

Whats/whos your dream girl?
Mines a mix of a few

Are you into bbw? I can gain weight but unfortunately becuz of surgerons I have to wait till post op but its cool if you want a bbw that is possible in the future with me

Other things may may not be a deal breaker