Stay hopeful! All will unfold the way it should

I am interested in pre-op & non-op between 23 and 32

I am looking for Fun / dating & Making friends


165 cm (5'4")
66 kg (146 lbs)
Body type
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Customer service
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Caucasian (white)
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To note! At this time in my life I think I am looking more for friendship then a relationship. I have never met a Ladyboy/or Trans woman before. So really I don't want to have any expectations except for getting to learn more about myself and the special friend I may have the opportunity to meet on this site if the opportunity presents itself before we go any further to converse I understand its not always about Sex with any type of person. The internet has in many ways exploited Ladyboys to be more of a sexual figure then a person that has feelings and emotions just like every other human in this world. I want to see beyond that. Also I believe they carry special qualities that no man or woman can even try to compare on a intellectual level I might think.

I'm a 36 year old gentleman/adventure seeker that is looking for an experience that no woman can provide. However I am not Gay and still find myself getting blown a way by the beauty and feminine characteristics of a woman. From my strong interest in Ladyboys, it has allowed me to have this notion that the blended characteristics between male and female is an ideal balance between masculine and feminine for a guy such as myself, I have identified. I have always had this fixation to share experiences, fun, adventure and have cultural and spiritual experience with a trans woman or Ladyboy. I'm in search of a ladyboy that has a profile that is truly unique and factual in the sense that it is genuine and has no hidden agenda. I like to indulge in Photography and Free expression from my imagination captured through my camera is very important to me. I am outgoing, spontaneous, sophisticated and intelligent, I'm shy and not afraid to admit it. I'm funny and straight to the point at time's. I think that can be good because there is no holding back or hiding with me. I'm romantic and sensitive but can also be the man that adapts to someone that may just need some to listen and accept all that is rational. At times I like to converse about anything. I'm athletic authentic and am also in search of the same type of caricature. Someone that takes pride in their personal physique, appearance and hygiene. I love to enjoy a night on the town or just stay in and watch a movie on rainy days, see renowned landmarks, museums, restaurants. I love the outdoors, hiking,Snowboarding, MTN, biking, Kyaking and willing to try things that I have not yet had the opportunity to try before. The list goes on. I work in Hospitality so I love to travel when I can find the time. I'm a hopeless romantic and have a passion to please as I would like the same. My religious belief is universal. I believe if we are meant to meet we will share moments that wont be forgotten. If you live in Canada, I would be even more willing to travel for a opportunity to get to know you more. Preferably in the same province would be much easier for the both of us. New experiences brings new life and enjoyment.