Transfemale looking for people for friends and....

I am interested in men between 21 and 65

I am looking for Fun / dating, Making friends, and Relationship


178 cm (5'10")
59 kg (130 lbs)
Body type
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Would relocate
Education level
Secondary / High School
Caucasian (white)
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Never, I can’t stand smoke
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I'm a transfemale, on hormones and living my authentic self for over 10 years. I'm NOT a shemale, crossdresser or transvestite (male with a sexual crossdressing fetish). So if you are looking for a TV, please do not contact me. A transfemale is the opposite end of the TG spectrum compared to a transvestite. Totally different.
I'm looking for friends of any sex to enjoy what life has to offer, to a show or event in SoCal. When I refer to women it's both biological and transfemales. I'm Not referring to male crossdressers CD/TVs. They are not females. When I refer to men who interest me, it means biological and transmales (FtM).

I view life a bit different than most.... I do not follow the lies and deceit that patriarchy has created for society about human life including sex, gender, dating, love, relationships.
Basically I allow mother nature to choose my relationships. It all starts with friendships which develop from doing things, attending events and activities in daily life. Over time, the people I connect with on a higher level, I obviously will do more with them. Now mother nature is creating true relationships which will last since they are based on unconditional love grown from the seed of friendship. You most likely won't see that in the "trial and error and lets try one person at a time" so called dating we have in society. The chances are better winning a major lottery than to find love in patriarchal dating. After all marriage is nothing more than a license to own another human. It's simply 2 people forcing their will on and controlling each other. Sorry folks but that has nothing to do with unconditional love and certainly not relating to each other. This is the exact reason why most end in divorce and the rest stay together miserable for other reasons. I'd rather be in true loving relationships where we help, give, support the other people in all of what makes them who they are in their desires, wants, needs and never restricting them from that growth all while expecting nothing in return.... unconditional love! I've lived by this one rule of human life that seems to be all but a lost trait of being human. So if you wish to truly know me, than take me to dinner, or some activity or event or whatever..... this is how that true relationship will start.. If you are looking for marriage, then please leave me alone. I will never be someones possession! The REAL GAME PLAYERS follow these possession games.

My interests are many and varied. I do not follow the what society dictates as acceptable per sex. I enjoy much male designated activities as female designated. I love cooking and gardening, shopping, and much typical females activities. And yet I enjoy muscle cars, hunting, fishing etc. For me it's more about the company I'm with than the activity. Since I was a child I've always wanted to be an actress and model. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky as I'm signed up with a couple Casting Agencies in Hollywood. I'm into fetish modeling and I've always wanted to do body paint modeling.... I'm open to any type of modeling though.
Since a young child I knew who I was, a female. I chose my name Kendra while I was about 8 and wrote a poem about myself when I was 13. This is my poem....

Kendra’s Poem

I am Kendra, a seed without life.
I lie below this dark path, full of pain and strife.

Feet trample on me, it is water I really thirst.
Rain falls to the ground, will this drink be my first?

No, it seems it is my tears, I cry for endless days.
Nothing will break this beaten down path, so I will remain in a haze.

My days turn to years, I wonder, will I ever grow?
I watch my sisters bloom, I guess I will never know.

What it is to blossom, show my petals and leaves.
So I remain below this human path, unless it somehow heaves.

I was raised on a dairy farm in WI and was a dairy farmer all my life until 2005 when all that ended and I was finally able to be me. I had figured out completely who I was by 18 including my sexuality, but unfortunately could not do anything about it with the radical religious family I was born into. But as anyone trans knows, this doesn't go away.... My depression continued to become worse until I went to see a therapist. She got me to open my imaginary closet door, which she said was about to burst with all I had shoved away, and all my prior knowledge of who I was, came flooding back. The timing could not have been better as I immediately decided to be true to myself since I didn't have to cope with employment or family issues at that point. I found there was nothing for me in WI any more, so I headed to CA Nov 2014. hoping to focus on my acting and modeling if possible. I'm currently a model, actress and associate at Transgender Talent agency in Hollywood. I'm also a member of TransChorus of Los Angeles...

My sexuality is pansexual. I'm attracted to many variations of sex and gender... A word about sex.... Sex is the most healing, invigorating, healthy activity that we as humans can share with each other. We'd have a happier society if people had sex more often. It so sad that sex has been labeled as immoral, wrong, sinful, etc by patriarchy. In reality this is like saying it's immoral and wrong to be a human being...... Yikes! And there certainly is nothing wrong with casual sex, but of course, this also means safe sex needs to be used with condoms.
At home, I love gardening, (vegetable, flowers and mother natures most versatile and healing herb, "marijuana"). So I stay fit, eat healthy and heal naturally. Love watching movies and TV series.

Here is another poem I wrote in 2010 about me now compared to the depressed little girl so long ago.

Kendra, a Flower

I am Kendra, a seed I once was
Released from darkness, beneath an earthen grave
The time has arrived, to spring forth….. Is it because…..
The drink for life deep within, that I so crave……

Has reached a hardened shell, my spirit free, at last?
Light appears from above, the ground crumbles apart
What, another unfamiliar feeling? Yes, welcoming warmth, the sun doth cast
Strength fills my being, refusing to forever depart

In torment, I once watched my sisters bloom
Now to cast off societies restraints, for all to see
Leaving behind, a death filled tomb
Claiming my right to be, completely free

I notice from afar and wonder
Plants around me, wither and die from within
A pause of thoughtful ponder
Can these withered spirits, truly be my kin?

A trapped seed of life……. a passerby
Gazing upon me, a vision, and a day may arrive
To receive living water, and quench the endless pain thee cry
And gain the needed strength, to feel perfectly alive

I am Kendra, a vibrant flower
Shining, with life’s true essence
Only I, hold the choice of power
To breathe in, it’s fragrant scents

I'm looking for free thinking, like minded people around Southern CA to hang out, and attend events and activities in daily life... If this is you then contact me.........