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I love this site so much, I can safely say that it's changed my life

Brianna, 21, United Kingdom

You guys do a good job on the site.... moderating and cleaning up the scams! Your 5 intro emails and blog etc have really helped me. While this is a business for you - and why not - I like your ethical approach. I sense that doing running the site is also something you love and is dear to your heart. Keep happy. :-)

Hugh, 48, Australia

I did want to share my utter appreciation for what you've have created here together with Cyril. I've been a member of various different sites over the years, from sites like OKCupid to Plenty of Fish and their ilk, but I've never ever found a dating site with such sincerity and beautiful intentions as yours. I'm moved by your attention of care - your dating tip messages, and your diligence to keeping the site free of undesirables and making it as safe a place as you can. Really, thank you!

John-Paul, 43, United Kingdom

Thank you for this platform, it really makes life for people like me easier

Emma, 21, Netherlands

Thank you for giving us this way to socialise and find love. I have seen that it is a privileged, reputable and safe website...I'm glad you do a good job! Congratulations !!

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Cielo, 31, Spain

Thank you very much and congratulations. We really need a space like that. I wish you success and good fortune.

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Mary, 43, Mexico

Hello Administrator Cyril. I just wanted to write a few words to express my emotion for your love story and also for this wonderful site! I've never been surfing so much on a dating site. Thank you for your wonderful idea!

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Brendy, 29, Italy

A fantastic website, a place where everyone is free to be themselves and find the love of their life or friendship. Since I joined my confidence has improved and I am forever feeling happy. More people need to know about this site!! Thank you so much MY TRANSSEXUAL DATE!

Kayleigh, 23, United Kingdom

Your site is very very good. A big thank you for the initiative to have created it because it was sorely lacking. I find the other sites vulgar, too focused on sex and not at all representative of who we are because their trends are much more pornographic than sentimental and romantic.

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Sophie, 36, Canada

I am very grateful because in Argentina, in my country, there is no serious place where to meet a man who respects transgender women, doesn’t mix them with sexual encounters. It is impossible or very difficult to meet men who appreciate, admire and love women like us ... many thanks!

(Originally posted in: Spanish)

Lara, 45, Argentina

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