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The transsexual community in Mexico has a long way to go. Mexico is a highly conservative country that even the gay community has a really tough time to fit in. It is true, Mexico City allowed gay marriage before cities in the USA did, but that was just for the city and not the country. All major cities in Mexico have a good amount of transsexual population, sadly, most of them work in the sex industry. With no rights and little representation, not many can get regular jobs and end up on the streets.

There’s been cases of abuse, raping, murdering, torturing and worse against transsexuals in the small cities in Mexico. Violence has been rampant because of the war on drugs and transsexuals many times get the worst end of the stick. If a Mexican sleeps with a transsexual woman, he is considered gay and to hide their secrets, they turn to killing. The police also doesn’t help. There has been many cases that cops arrest transsexuals under the premise of sex workers, then they rob and abuse them.

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Here at we fight for the rights of transsexual women all over the world. We want to provide a decent community not only for transsexual dating, but to help better the image and strengthen bonds between transsexuals and transoriented men.

It is not easy to be transsexual (or gay) in a country as intolerant as Mexico. But find solace that major cities tend to be more liberal. Mexico City usually leans to the left and gay rights have been on a steady rise, pulling transsexual rights with them. Border towns like Tijuana and Monterrey have some of the best (and cheap) plastic surgeons in the world. The gay scene is more open, resembling that of liberal American cities, with plenty of bars that do drag queen shows or provide spaces for transsexuals to be themselves.

Latinas make beautiful trans women. With a mix of races and a close connection to Asian ancestry, it is easy to see why there are many beautiful latinas in Mexico (and with a more voluptuous body). Here at hope to create a platform to make transsexuals and transoriented men comfortable with who they are. A decent place that destroys the tendency that if you are a transsexual, you have to work in the sex industry. Remember that “¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!

Latest profiles from Mexico

  • Leydi
    21  /  pre-op trans
    (Mexico) Teapa
  • Valentina
    24  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico City
  • Mario
    21  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Estado de Mexico
  • Julio
    36  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Estado de Mexico
  • Johnny
    45  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico
  • Susan
    27  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico
  • Jillian
    22  /  transvestite  /  Single
    (Mexico) Ensenada
  • Dany
    34  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Puebla
  • Luis
    30  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico City
  • Christie
    27  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (Mexico) Guadalajara
  • Gisell
    38  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (Mexico) Monterrey
  • Pedro
    47  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico City
  • Isa
    25  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico
  • Luke
    38  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico City
  • Manu
    39  /  male  /  Separated
    (Mexico) Cuernavaca
  • ANA
    55  /  non-op trans
    (Mexico) Guadalajara
  • Emmyli
    31  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico
  • Javier
    26  /  male  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico City
  • Gala
    25  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (Mexico) Mexico City
  • Mauricio
    39  /  male  /  Widow / widower
    (Mexico) Mexico

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