How to politely get out of a bad date

Posted on September 20, 2019
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The majority of us know how difficult dating is and if you’re a trans woman in transgender dating, it’s even more so.  I’ve been in bad dates in multiple occasions as a transwoman and if I had the chance to live those dates again, I would do the following tips below in order to save myself some time and free myself from headache.  However, there may be the times that the first date can be awkward but the follow-up would redeem itself.  Only use this guide if your date turns out to be an asshole who thinks he’s an Adonis who’s a gift from God.

How to reject someone nicely

Posted on September 6, 2019
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There are a lot of men in transgender dating websites and if you’re very easy to get or absolutely have no standards at all, you’re going to rack up multiple exchanges in your inbox.  Sometimes in life, you have to learn the art of rejection with and that entails learning to say no without offending or hurting others’ feelings.  Please know that even if you wrap up rejection in the nicest way you can, some feelings will still get hurt… but you get the gist.

Wow Amanda, how very contradictory of you!

Denying that I am a pre-op transgender woman

Posted on August 23, 2019
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Lying is a bad idea most of the time and sometimes, I find it as a safe action to resort to when I need to buy time for an instance such as…

Well… this guy that I really like and had sex with (anal) doesn’t know that I’m still a pre-op transgender.  He is a former schoolmate and I had sex with him around 8 years ago.  How do I know that he doesn’t have a problem with anal?  We did 2 rounds and he didn’t want to leave my apartment but I had to kick him out because he was still in college at that time and I didn’t want him skipping school lol.  So right after the sex, he was adamant about getting to know me better but I was at the point of my life when I was switching between daddies (escorting days) and he was like a side entertainment.

Movies to watch with your Transgender Date

Posted on August 9, 2019
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I’m not an expert when it comes to critiquing movies but I’m going to share with you some movies that feature transgender women and why you should watch them from my personal opinion.  Let it be known that you can watch whatever genre of movie you like and I’m not trying to put us trans women in a box.  Grab your popcorn, turn on your torrent program (just kidding!), and enjoy!

Keeping the fire ALIVE

Posted on July 26, 2019
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I know that it’s quite challenging to find a soul mate but you rose above the challenge and were able to turn your transsexual date into a girlfriend.  You thought that it’d end there but you were wrong, totally wrong.  Turns out, you’d need more than words and actual fuel to keep the fire alive in the relationship.  If you’re just knowing this now, I don’t blame you, I’ve been there before lol.
It’s like when you really wanted a pet as a kid and your parents decide to give you a goldfish which you nonchalantly flushed after it died with you neglecting it for other stuff.  So anyway, let’s head on to some tips on how to successfully keep the stokes of love burn hotter.

How to ask your transgender crush on a date

Posted on July 12, 2019
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As a former sex-worker and a transgender woman, I can get a little neurotic… well, paranoid, every time a guy asks me out on a date.  I always have the feeling of being only wanted for one thing and it usually includes a mattress… or a floor! Who knows what you’re into?  Alright Jacob, I’m not saying that I’m a prototype transgender woman when it comes to dating but I am a person with experiences and you may be able to get some key information from me and you’ll never know how much in common your crush and I have.

Let’s begin with the most vital part that can make or break your dream with your future transgender date

Qualities in Dating Transgender Women

Posted on June 28, 2019
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Today’s talk is about the qualities you must have in order to successfully date transgender women.  I’m not going to tackle superficial stuff like looks, salary, libido (although this is really something that I personally find important lol), and etc.  Moreover, I want to enlighten you about which qualities should be emphasized in order to make your relationship with your transgender date flourish and last.

Please take this with a grain of salt because some transwomen like me prefer the jerk and bad boy types so no matter how good of a catch you are, there are just some tastes that simply cannot be adjusted.

Let’s start with…

When to break up

Posted on June 14, 2019
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Not every relationship involves multiple persons. We should never neglect the relationship we have with ourselves if we truly want to achieve genuine happiness.  Today’s article will be less of transgender dating tips and more of when to break up with someone you’re not in love with anymore.

It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced a breakup and it sucks most of the time.  However, there are moments when enough is enough and we should just end things in order to keep our sanity.  I’m going to divide this article into 3 sections that may apply to what you’re currently going through which can help you to finally say YES… yes, I’m going to break up with you.

5 reasons why independent trans women are the best partners

Posted on May 31, 2019
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A common misconception about dating independent transgender women is that they are intimidating to date.  On the contrary, the best kind of woman is one that exudes confidence and knows what she wants for herself.  Dating an independent transgender woman is an exciting and amazing experience and I have listed down 5 reasons why independent trans women are the best partners.

HRT for Beginners

Posted on May 17, 2019
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Male to female hormone replacement therapy (M2F HRT) is a medical way of dealing with one’s gender dysphoria.  Its main goal is to successively alter the patient’s physical appearance, so it matches her gender identity.  The most visible effects of HRT concern changing the features that appear during puberty (these are called secondary sex characteristics), such as breast development and widening and rounding of the pelvis (if HRT is started early). These changes are irreversible, even if hormone therapy is terminated.  Others, such as feminine fat and muscle distribution, thinning of body hair, cessation of testosterone-triggered hair loss (and in some cases even regrowth of lost hair) as well as softening of skin are reversible and need constant hormone therapy to take effects.