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A transsexual never "decided" to become a girl

# Some guy: “Hey your photos looks beautiful!“# Some transsexual woman: “ahhhh thank you.. 🙂“# Some guy: “I have a question, I hope you do not mind, so when did you decided to be girl?“ Oh,oh! That is a very common mistake men do when dating transsexuals online. I do not know if it has something to do with […]

My Transsexual Date opens its doors

Today is D day! After many months of development, we finally open our doors 🙂 I would like to take some time writing about our motivations for operating My Transsexual Date, who we are and why we decided to open it.

Janet Mock's Redefining Realness

Telling your story and sharing it to everyone is the bravest thing that one can do. Much more if your life is considered a taboo in a community like transsexuals. But a brave woman, a transgender herself, shares her humble life story through her book Redefining Realness by Janet Mock. Janet’s book will surely be an […]

3 good ways to find transsexual love easily

Why is it so difficult for me to find genuine love that I am looking for? A common situation that we often caught our self facing in front of the mirror and repeatedly asking this question.  I bet you also have wondered what your friends are doing and why they are been lucky with love, […]

A must try tips in pleasing your transsexual girlfriend

Dating a transsexual women is difficult specially if she is undergoing HRT (Hormone Replacement therapy). She will be mostly be having mood swings and for sure you will be noticing it, you and your relationship will be affected by it however you need to deal with it. You have done this and done that and […]

Saving transsexual women's dignity online

What results do you usually receive every time you search for transsexuals, transwomen, transgenders or any keywords relating to it? Often you see that the first page of the results are filled with pornography and escort services. Try opening a site or two and you will be routed to a page/s showing  sexually explicit images. […]

Transsexual dating and the sexual roles

Well of course this does not apply to all transsexual women for there are pre-op, post-op, and non-op transsexuals. And I do not wish to offend transsexual women or anybody through my article. This these exist and it is just a mere good to know article specially to men who are interested of dating a […]

How Do You Set Yourself Free?

Dungeon – A four-cornered room. A dark and creepy space enclosed with either concrete and/or some rusty iron with the very minimal light coming in from the outside thru that tiniest window your eyes couldn’t even notice its existence. It is a horrific nightmare to be put inside that very small space. Imagine the face of […]

Staying focused on transsexual online dating

I’d like to use this blog for talking more about the industry of online dating for transsexual women, and especially sharing my views and visions on how we can come up with the dating site number one for transsexual women. By dating site number one, I not only talk for the site in terms of […]