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Why Transgender Suicide Rate is Shockingly High ?

The majority of transgender and non-binary individuals have experienced discrimination one way or another. Resilience is one of the strongest suits of people who belong in this demographic because of oppression. However, a staggering transgender suicide rate is still apparent amidst the LGBTQ+ movements. According to the study of the American Academy of Pediatrics, transgender […]

PRIDE MONTH : What you must Know

The annual Pride Month is not just about partying on the streets. It’s a movement that’s encompassing the issues, struggles, needs, rights, and voice of people who belong in the LGBTQ community. Every human being deserves to live a full life without having to be subjected to oppression, discrimination, and violence. In this guide, your […]

The Gender Dysphoria Guide and What You Must Know

Here at My Transsexual Date, we don’t only touch the bases related to the world of transgender dating. If you’ve stumbled upon here because you’re planning to have a relationship with a trans-oriented partner, you first must know the root of why they are the way they are. If you’re an individual who’s seeking answers, […]

Top Five Transgender Anime Characters from the ‘90s

Growing up transgender in the late 80s to late 90s, it was quite difficult to find the right kind of positive media representation that made one proud, or at least comfortable about being trans. In a world saturated with Western media, trans-representation can be a rare thing.

All About the Transgender Symbol

If you’re a part of the transgender community, it’s very helpful to know the origins, use, misconceptions, and more about the transgender symbol. Having knowledge of something as basic as this will be very beneficial, most especially if you’re one of the many transgender people who want to achieve gender equality.

What is Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy ?

Trans women go through a lot and some of us, even go further and reach the stage of transition called transgender hormone replacement therapy. Today, I’m going to discuss the effects, costs, and dangers of transgender hormone therapy. Please know that what I’m going to be writing here is from my personal experience as a […]

Am I a Transgender Person ?

I know that I often talk about dating and relationships but there is one thing that must be said and if it’s a soulmate that you’re looking for, you must have a better understanding of her through decrypting her past. Today, I’m going to discuss my trans experience in its early stages. There are a […]

What to Expect from a Transgender Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is quite a vast topic so I’ve decided to make a condensed guide of the most important details that you have to know. This guide will be all-inclusive and we’re not just going to discuss the neovagina. If you’re a trans man who happened to stumble upon this guide, keep reading as […]

Have you become Jaded?

Have you been looking for love in transgender dating websites for years with no luck? Has your experience made you jaded? Keep reading this and let me share with you my story on how I was able to regain the butterflies in my stomach when chatting with new people.