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Resolving Conflicts for Trans-oriented Couples

It’s common for romantic partners to encounter conflicts. A real relationship isn’t all about rainbows and butterflies. If someone tells you that it is, they probably just hopped on into a relationship or… single. Today, you’re going to discover effective conflict resolution in relationships. If you are currently on a rocky road with your boo, […]

How to Seduce Transgender Women

Trans dating is a bit different in this year of 2021. The pandemic has stolen many opportunities for people to meet up. However, it’s still imperative to know how to seduce transgender women. Doing so will equip you with what you’ll need should the opportunities come back in full swing. First off, you must know […]

Best Kissing Tips For Men

Regardless of what kind of relationship you’re in, knowing how to be a good kisser matters. However, this guide is more beneficial for men most especially if you’re in the early dating stages. The reason being is because men are usually the ones to initiate the kiss. Don’t turn your date off and compromise the […]

Making LDR Work on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to be the bane in couples who are in a long-distance relationship. However, it does not have to be because there are many ways to express your love from afar. Couples who are in LDRs have touch stolen away from them. The efforts to keep the fire alive must be improved. In […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Man

Are you in a trans-oriented relationship and you’re dating a man? As a transgender woman, are you puzzled if there’s a difference between a man who prefers transgender women and a man who prefers cisgender women? Yes, there are slight nuances. To know what these are, keep reading.

Celebrating Being Alone On Valentines Day

The world tends to put a lot of pressure on couples on Valentine’s day. However, while this is happening, people alone on Valentine’s day are indirectly pressured as well. This is why it’s comforting to know that there are ways to celebrate this day without having a partner. If you want to know what to […]

Why TERF is Harmful to Transgender Women

If you have been following the news about the movement or welfare of transgender women, you may have stumbled upon the term TERF. This term has been quite popular and has been linked to many personalities in the entertainment industry. However, this term has negative connotations to it. If you are a transgender woman, you […]