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Why TERF is Harmful to Transgender Women

If you have been following the news about the movement or welfare of transgender women, you may have stumbled upon the term TERF. This term has been quite popular and has been linked to many personalities in the entertainment industry. However, this term has negative connotations to it. If you are a transgender woman, you […]

Gender Inclusive Housing for Transgender Teens in College

Studying in college is one of the most exciting and life-changing times in a teen’s life. Choosing a course, meeting new people, joining sororities and fraternities, and all of the other fun activities are all to say none the least, quite enticing. However, for a transgender teen who’s entering college, these thoughts can get complicated. […]

My Transgender Girlfriend Does NOT Have Sex With Me Anymore

To a lot of people, sex is the barometer of a relationship’s status. If a relationship has no intimacy anymore, is it still considered a healthy relationship? Sure, a relationship can exist without sex, most especially if the couple is at the age when companionship can suffice. But what happens if your transgender girlfriend is […]

Transgender Books to Read

Are you in a literary mood but your interest in transgenderism is also prevalent? Why not mix both and read transgender books? Today, you’re going to be provided with a list of books concerning transgender people, be it fiction or non-fiction. Most of the books that are in here are easily found on Amazon Kindle. […]

Why do Transgender Women call me Insensitive?

Have you been interacting with transgender women? Are you surprised because a lot of them make a comment about your insensitivity? Don’t take it too personally. Being a beginner is not an unfamiliar feat to everyone. If you want to hear this comment less, you have to learn more about transgender women. This doesn’t only […]

Trans Rights Around the World

The transgender movement has been making a lot of strides lately. However, there’s still a long way to go. The fight for equality, dignity, and protection is still ongoing because globally, trans rights are still not accessible. To have a better understanding, this guide was created to inform you about the current status of transgender […]

How to Find Success as a Transgender Woman

Are you a transgender woman and you’re dealing with so much discrimination? If not, are you simply being put down by your thoughts that you are not good enough based on your gender identity? Have you lost your self-confidence for other reasons? Today, you’re going to know how to find success as a transgender woman. […]

The Word Nibling Explained

Some types of evolution take hundreds of years to occur. However, one of the fastest and most vital evolutions that constantly take place in our lives is the evolution of words. Today, you’re going to learn about a new word and it’s called nibling, along with the importance as to why you should learn its […]