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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

There are so many acronym variations of the individuals who belong in the rainbow. It can get quite confusing but a little education can go a long way if you’re part of the LGBTTQQIAAP community or you’re an ally.

Perhaps, this may be the most inclusive acronym of all because it not only includes the people who fall under the spectrum, it also includes their allies. If you want to learn the LGBTTQQIAAP meaning and everything that encompasses it, keep reading.



LGBTTQQIAAP stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, and Pansexual accordingly. A lot of people simply call the gender and sexuality spectrum LGBT, LGBTQ, or LGBTQ+. Sometimes, it’s also referred to as LGBTQ2



There’s no written account of the real origin of LGBTTQQIAAP but it stemmed from the evolution of the acronym which started humbly as LGBT or GLBT. The term LGBTTQQIAAP also faced a lot of controversies because of the inclusion of “allies” which defeats the purpose of properly identifying people who are part of the spectrum.

Moreover, it’s also criticized because of the confusion it provides due to the double letters and the placement of properly identifying transgender from transsexual, queer to questioning, and asexual to allies.

Because of this, LGBTTQQIAAP isn’t widely recognized as its shorter acronym counterparts.

The spectrums of LGBTTQQIAAP

Kindly know that this guide was created to be informational. It was not made to create a division. This section will tell you the meaning of each letter from the controversial rainbow acronym that is the LGBTTQQIAAP.

two lesbians


Lesbians are women, be it cisgender or transgender who are exclusively attracted to cisgender or transgender women. This attraction may lead to physical or emotional depending on the individual.

However, not all lesbian cisgender women are into transgender women. Some prefer only being with cisgender women. Even though the rainbow aims for inclusivity, some people still prefer cisgender over transgender people.

two gay persons


Gay is an umbrella term that may refer to men or women. However, in the rainbow, gay refers specifically to gay men. Gay men are exclusively attracted to cisgender or transgender men. The attraction may also lead to physical or emotional depending on the individual.

Not all gay men are into transgender men just like how not all lesbians are into transgender women and vice versa.

two bisexual persons


Bisexual people may be cisgender or transgender individuals who are exclusively attracted to women or men. They’re not attracted to other types of genders such as non-conforming ones and other spectrums.

However, the majority of bisexual people are still not attracted to transgender individuals even if people assume that a pre-op or a non-op transgender individual is the ultimate fantasy of a bisexual person.

The attraction that bisexuals have for both genders may lead to physical and emotional with some, feeling stronger for one gender compared to the other.

a transgender women


Transgender is an umbrella term that describes individuals who identify with the gender opposite to their assigned gender at birth. They may be non-op (not planning to have the sex reassignment surgery SRS), pre-op (planning to undergo the SRS), and post-op (someone who’s already undergone SRS).

Female-to-male (FTM) transgender people are called transgender men while male-to-female (MTF) transgender people are called transgender women. Their being transgender has nothing to do with who they’re attracted to and does not make them automatically heterosexual. There are lesbian transgender women and gay transgender men.
There are also bisexual and pansexual transgender individuals.

a transsexual women


Although transsexuals share a lot of similarities with transgender people, most of them prefer being called transsexual to erase the ever-annoying questions that people mostly ask about their genitalia.

Identifying as a transsexual person means that you’ve already undergone SRS. They don’t want to be separated from the transgender spectrum by having their own letter in the acronym, they just want a stronger community to support each other because there are certain things that transgender people who’ve not undergone the SRS yet won’t be able to relate to.

a queer person


Queers don’t have a certain set of which type of spectrum they’re attracted to.

They choose to be called queer because they don’t want to be identified as heterosexual individuals.

a questioning person


The questioning spectrum pertains to people who are still unsure of their heterosexuality.

They’re still discovering who they truly are unlike with the queer who’s sure that he/she is not straight.

an intersex person


Intersexed people are a variety of individuals who were born with reproductive systems or sexual anatomy that don’t fit the typical definitions of female or male. Some of them get rid of one sexual characteristic to live as a cisgender or transgender person while some embrace their condition fully and identify as intersexed.

Their condition has nothing to do with their sexual preference or gender identity. Only they can define who they are and who they want to be.

an asexual person


Asexual people may be:

  • cisgender
  • transgender
  • or intersexed

What makes them different from the rest of the letters in the spectrum is that they’re not attracted to anybody in a sexual way.

two LGBTTQQIAAP allies


They perfectly represent the term allies because they’re not in the LGBTQ+ spectrum at all. They’re cisgender heterosexual people who support the rainbow’s fights for equality, freedom, and respect.

Although their intention is good, some people still find it controversial for them to be included in the rainbow when they have not experienced the same discrimination and abuse that most people in the spectrum go through on a daily basis.

pansexual persons


Pansexual persons are either cisgender, transgender, or intersexed individuals who are attracted to anyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Some people think that they’re desperate or are just wild in bed which is actually not the case.

Pansexual people are not only attracted to everyone sexually, but they’re also capable of getting in a romantic relationship with anyone. They can love everyone in the LGBTTQQIAAP without judgments and reservations.

Now that you know what LGBTTQQIAAP is not just a string of random letters, it’s time for you to share this article for awareness. Remember, whoever you are or whoever you may love, don’t be afraid because you’ll always have a place in the rainbow.

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